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Enjoy the first four books of this emotional small town romance series, stories that will make you laugh and cry with heroes discovering the women who complete them.

Love And Lies – A secret rocker romance:
I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to come home to Winchester, but that’s how I meet gorgeous, enigmatic, hunky bad boy Scott Wardell. Hot or not, he’s arrogant and rude, and he gets under my skin. When I discover he’s a drummer for a local rock band and we click on a whole different level, I find myself changing my mind about him. I even start falling for him. But as things with Scott get steamier, my feet grow as cold as ice—and between my ex, his ex, and Scott’s creepy best friend, I start to rethink us…and wind up doing a few things I regret. When I realize Scott’s the only man for me, will it be too late?

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Riona Thorn has had enough of luck and chance. After a lifetime of believe the magic of good luck was real, hers has run out. With a trail of broken hearts behind her, she decides it’s time to give up on loving someone else—and start loving herself. Only maybe there is some magic in the air after all. Chance Leary does not believe in fate, magic, or romance—he works in code and commands. Work that made his life in the streets a thing of the past. He likes his stable life, one devoid of chances or risks. Until he sets sights on one firecracker tourist who makes him want to take whatever chance it costs him—as long as he can command her to be his.

My grumpy neighbor is determined to ruin my fresh start in Las Vegas. But I’m not going to let him get away so easily. I just moved to the city after a broken engagement – so I’ve got every right to throw parties and have fun, right? Well, that’s not what my “geeky” neighbor, Carter, thinks. There’s something incredibly mysterious about him, And he is becoming more intriguing as the days go by. Eventually, those curious glances and intense disagreements lead to a passionate kiss. Just when the flames between us begin to flare, My ex-fiance, Drake, appears and complicates everything. Now, we’re back to square one. Is it worth risking my heart again with a man who won’t commit? My mind is saying no, but my body and my heart… Well, that’s a whole other story.

It started with a simple offer…and ended with me on my knees. I’ve never met him. Never even seen him. But I’ve heard the whispers. The rumors. They say his presence wraps around your throat whenever he enters a room. That’s exactly what I feel the moment he walks into the diner where I work, and I hear people breathe out his name. Alexius Del Rossa. The crown prince of the Dark Sovereign—a society of men who own everything but the weather in this town. He’s the kind of man you pray never to cross paths with. The kind of man a girl like me has no chance of surviving. But while his eyes trap mine, and his magnetism touches my skin, I’m unable to move when he forces me into a corner and hands me an envelope. It’s an offer. One I can’t refuse. See, I have nothing. No family. No friends. No home. I can disappear and no one will know. And that is exactly why he chose me.

Spying on people is about as exciting as waiting for water boil, until private investigator Samantha Chase inadvertently spies on a mysterious vampire named Adam. Without warning, Samantha’s life takes a thrilling, yet terrifying turn. Adam’s thought of nothing but revenge and justice. He’s hunted a notorious vampire across centuries for the sole purpose of destroying the one who stole everything from him. Then, Samantha literally stumbles into his path, and suddenly, Adam has a new reason to live. But Adam isn’t the only vampire to notice there is something special about Samantha Chase. When Adam’s nemesis recognizes a new way to torture Adam, he also sets his sights on Sam but for a frighteningly different reasons.

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