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Her love would tear the brothers apart, but could a child bring them all together?Five years ago, Lily Mitchell walked away from the love of her life…and his brother. Though Lily broke her number one rule when she dated Dylan Parker, she’s determined that her daughter won’t pay for her mistakes. But now that she’s back, can Lily resist the lure of the Parker brothers?Dylan spent years exacting revenge for his brother’s betrayal, yet Thomas can’t dwell on whether his punishment truly fit the crime. Instead, he’s reveling in the knowledge that he has a daughter. Thomas is determined to convince Lily that they are meant to be together. He’s willing to risk destroying his relationship with his brother for another chance with the woman who haunted his dreams for the last five years.

Lorelei: When an injury forces me off the ice, I reluctantly agree to swap places with my twin sister, Cara. It’s a trick we haven’t pulled since we were children, but she’s desperate, and I’m bored. I’ve always been a whiz at math, so how hard could her calculus exam really be? But the moment I step into her class, I realize it isn’t the exam I need to worry about…it’s the professor. Gabriel: I’m well aware of my reputation as one of the meanest professors on campus. Usually, it doesn’t bother me, but lately, I’ve been wondering if my expectations are too high. So, in a rare moment of compassion, I agree to let one of my worst students retake her exam. But the moment she enters my office, I regret my kindness. I’ve never paid much attention to Cara in class before, but I can’t look away from her now.

Don’t fall in love with your older brother’s Army buddy. And definitely don’t let him get you pregnant. Mack is the head producer of the number one TV singing competition. The connection between us was instant fire. We both know a relationship is off-limits. But keeping our hands to ourselves would prove to be difficult. He easily puts every man I’ve ever fantasized about to shame, In looks and in the bedroom. He’s the boss of this show. I’m a small-town girl looking to make it in music city. But every time we touch, we both throw caution out the window. Waking up in his bed and having secret hookups in the janitor closet is dangerous. We have so much to lose but nothing’s ever felt this right. We can’t get caught but we also can’t stop. And it’s only a matter of time before this baby bump starts showing.

Nestled deep in the endless pine forests and powder white dunes of the Gulf Coast sits a place like no other. A home where secrets are safe and family is everything. Welcome to Haven House. Evangeline Eddins despises change, preferring to live a life of routine safely inside the walls of Haven House. But when the sanctity of her home is violated, Evie has to accept that things can’t always remain the same. This includes her relationship with Samuel Fairweather, the man once meant to become her stepbrother. The pair’s love-hate relationship reaches a turning point as evidence found in a string of serial homicides leads authorities straight to their already fragile family. With the FBI at the door, and their tumultuous past returning to haunt them, Samuel and Evie must decide which secrets to tell and which to keep before it’s too late. Set against the history of Haven House, told in the voices of four uniquely different women, this twisted tale of love and betrayal reminds us that perspective is everything and avoiding one’s destiny is never truly possible.

Can the younger, bubbly paramedic heal the battle scars of this older, gruff ex-soldier? Fletcher: When I’m honourably discharged from the British Army on medical grounds following a brutal tour in Afghanistan, I use my skills as a combat medic to continue to save lives as a paramedic. I’m confident there’s no situation I can’t handle … until I’m teamed up with chirpy Grace Newton. She’s everything I’m not – young, idealistic, and brimming with sunshine. Everything about her rubs me the right way, stirring wants and desires I thought were long dead. She should be off-limits – after all, I’m her mentor and work colleague. But one kiss has me wanting Grace’s healing hands all to myself for the rest of our lives. Grace: When I’m teamed up with Fletcher Hardy on my first day as a qualified paramedic, his gruff nature and abrupt manner almost have me rethinking my career choice. I’m no stranger to tortured veterans – my father is one – so I know better than most the mental and emotional toll war takes on a soldier. But as Fletch and I work together, I see a different side to him. His care and compassion draw me in, and I want to soothe the loneliness in his eyes. Before I know it, I’m falling for the tender man with the tough facade, but will my love be enough to heal the wounds I can’t see?

Arrow Hamlin was being a good samaritan when he stopped to help someone with a flat tire. He never expected his act of kindness would lead him to the woman who was meant to be his. Or that she’d be on the run from a dangerous situation. Sage Elsher was stunned by a violent encounter in her own home. She had no idea who to trust until Arrow came to her rescue. The Master Chief inspires confidence…even when he steals her away to a safe house.

Love is a game… and I always win. I’m the cartel’s most ruthless cupid. Cross my path and you’ll forget the difference between love and obsession… or obsession and desire. Hooking targets on instalove might destroy lives, but it’s always been strictly business. Until I met her… Innocent, inexperienced, and primed for seduction. Melanie Crawford is practically begging for someone to corrupt her, a job so simple even a rookie could handle it. Except she’s no ordinary target, and from the moment I saw her, I didn’t want to match her: I wanted to make her mine. The longer I watch her, the more determined I am to uncover her secrets. Yet while I may not know what my gorgeous girl is hiding, I know exactly what she needs—me. But when cupids fall in love, it’s game over—you’re out of the cartel. So if I want to taste her innocence, I’m going to have to break the rules—or make some new ones.

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