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Quinn is trapped working a dead-end job to support her abusive mother. The only bright spots in her life are her encounters with the kind woman who frequently visits the diner where Quinn works. One day, the woman tells Quinn about her handsome, billionaire son whom she fears will forever be lonely. She offers Quinn a deal: seduce her son and give her a grandbaby. Quinn refuses, but when her mother learns of the offer, she is forced to accept. Quinn never expected to fall in love. Will she be able to go through with the plan? Landon is a hardworking billionaire with no time for or interest in relationships. He’s seen how a broken heart can destroy a person. The only woman in his life is his mother, and he’ll do anything for her, including going on an island vacation for the first time in years. Except, when Landon arrives at the exotic resort, it isn’t his mother who’s there to greet him. Instead, there’s a beautiful woman naked in the hotel suite. Landon is immediately enthralled by the innocent Quinn, but he knows she’s hiding something. Will he learn her secrets before their week together is over? Or will he lose the mysterious beauty who has captured his heart?

Roman Serpico has abandoned a thriving rock star career to prospect for The Bare Bones MC. His goal: revenge on the cartel for his father’s murder. His black soul is a writhing mass of venom and rage, and joining the club fuels his ability to wreak havoc. His stepfather, the club’s lawyer Slushy, calls on him to save a stepsister Roman barely knows. Nurse’s assistant Gudrun McGill has fallen in with a bad crowd and needs an emergency extrication…now. Roman believes he’s killed Gudrun’s assailant, but the loathsome, murderous fugitive Riker has nine lives. He lives to traffic in human flesh another day, and Roman is hell-bent on tracking the bastard down. But The Bare Bones votes to place Gudrun into custody with her stepbrother as her bodyguard. Things heat up between them when they hide in plain sight in the ghost town that surrounds The Citadel, their clubhouse. Roman has vowed celibacy to fixate on vengeance. Gudrun wants nothing to do with men after losing her husband in a horrific car crash. The terror of their situation brings them too close for comfort. Walls must come down. Barriers must be broken. Taking risks is in the nature of their new MC family. Roman has to roll the dice, to hit fast against Riker and the Chinese cartel. To preserve his newfound family, he has to roll like thunder and be gone like smoke.

This special operative and a K-9 handler must work in close proximity to stop a bomber. They might kill each other…or wind up in bed. After a string of deaths are linked to a man locked up for another crime, Special Operative Alix Broshears and his team are racing against the clock to stop him before another person dies. Bringing in the gorgeous handler from a local K-9 unit makes sense—unless you ask Broshears’ libido. When it comes to the intelligent woman who thinks on her feet, his control is tested every damn minute. Vivian Valentine is up for the challenge of joining the team on yet another mission with her K-9 partner, Zack. She’s also determined to prove her worth to a certain special operative who takes arguing with her seriously. Sure, they hate each other. They’re also friends. And there might have been one encounter in a closet, but they don’t discuss that. Despite their strained ties, when Broshears learns Vivian’s in peril, the race is on to save her. Nothing can keep him from holding back his wrath against their enemies…or his feelings for the woman he’s determined to rescue.

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