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She has no idea who I am. I immediately like that about her. The gorgeous woman who sat down at the blackjack table beside me and asked me to teach her to play doesn’t recognize me as the third baseman who played pro baseball for seven years. I tell her I’m in town for a job offer when the truth is my buddy just asked me to leave my quiet existence in San Diego and unretire so I can lead the new Vegas Heat expansion team to the championship. She simplifies my career dilemma down to doing what will bring me the most joy, and as I spend the weekend with her, I realize she is bringing me more joy than I’ve experienced in years. Twelve years stand between us, but we agree it doesn’t matter as much as our feelings do. And as she takes me out to the middle of the desert to stare up at the stars, I know this is the place I’m meant to be. I agree to play. I agree to move to Vegas so I can explore whatever this is with her. But life is about to throw me a curveball I never saw coming.

Surviving a plane crash was the easy part… Gwenn: I can’t fall in love with the man who rescued me from the clutches of death after we met. I just can’t. I’ve never been the type to depend on anyone if at all possible, let alone a gorgeous guy I’m stuck with in a tiny shed during a snowstorm who keeps reminding me that getting out of this place alive depends on us working together. My survival might be safe in his hands, but it’s the rest of me in his hands I can’t stop thinking about. Rhett: I promised her I wouldn’t abandon her. I keep telling myself it’s because I can’t bear to lose anyone else, stranger or not. It’s more than that, though. I feel it every time she looks at me with those hauntingly beautiful eyes. If we ever make it out of here, I’m in deep trouble.

No Trixikka has ever laid eyes on a female before. The first one I stumble across? She’s mine. Rynn: The Goddesses blessed me with a gift when I find a strange, wingless, tailless creature in the depths of the jungle. A female. My female is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her body is so different from mine, but this only excites me. She is my mate, and we have all the time beneath the skies for her to teach me of those differences. Serena: I don’t believe in love. But then again, up until a week or so ago, I didn’t believe in aliens either. And yet here I am having been abducted, stranded on a jungle planet, and now surrounded by a tribe of huge, protective aliens with wings and tails. At least these are the good guys. Their leader, Rynn, is convinced I’m the reason the skin on his chest is lit up like a Christmas tree, particularly the area directly above his heart. But that’s just some weird alien biochemical reaction. Just like all supposed ‘love’, right?

Arrow Hamlin was being a good samaritan when he stopped to help someone with a flat tire. He never expected his act of kindness would lead him to the woman who was meant to be his. Or that she’d be on the run from a dangerous situation. Sage Elsher was stunned by a violent encounter in her own home. She had no idea who to trust until Arrow came to her rescue. The Master Chief inspires confidence…even when he steals her away to a safe house.

Aileen’s the new ‘street beat guru’ for her web-based publication, giving updates on all the hot happenings for singles in the city. She’s also the guinea pig for ‘Single and Ready to Mingle,’ the website’s new dating site for divorcés tired of meeting dates in their 20s, ready to date, but not looking for a long-term commitment. When her first match ends with her storming out of the restaurant, she ends up in Luke’s Irish tavern. Luke recently took over his family’s tavern in hopes of saving the business. After his divorce, he realized he doesn’t want a commitment that last for more than one night. He reluctantly agrees when his cousin tells him about a new local dating app for divorcés who aren’t looking for a long-term commitment. The rules are simple: One night. No strings. No second date.

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