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Hollis Hayes is the worst neighbor in the entire history of neighbors. She’s also the hottest. F.M.L. I don’t have time to fight with the dog groomer next door. There’s a brewery to run, siblings to rein in, and a mom to look after. So if Hollis thinks I’ll roll over and let her drive me out of business, she’s not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. Sure, I enjoy the little pranks we play on each other, and I don’t hate watching her prance around in those tight leggings. But she’s gone too far this time, even if she pretends to know nothing about it. I’ll do whatever it takes to save my business from going under, and if that means playing dirty with the girl I love to hate, game on.

A billionaire workaholic. A personal assistant running from her past. One treacherous chance at a future. After a bad break up, Samuel Davenport throws himself into running his family’s New York based advertising agency. He has little interest in women until Haley becomes his personal assistant. Soon, he’s intrigued by her mind, her natural abilities for the business, and why she works so hard to hide her beauty. Haley moved to the city New Year’s Day to hide, recover, and build a new life far from her past. She alters her appearance, ignores her ambitions, and focuses on surviving one day at a time. This worked well, until Sam tries to uncover all of Haley’s mysteries. Sometimes playing hard to get is a defense mechanism. Sometimes getting too close exposes a person to danger. Sometimes the past should be left alone.

Welcome to Shadowborne Academy where vampire hunters are trained. Some are chosen. Some choose. Some will live. Some will die. Ash Carter was chosen. She has her reasons for being there, for pushing so hard, for staying so strong. She knows what happens when someone lets down their guard after dark. If Ash has her way, no one else will find out again. Jax Miller chose. He has his reasons for attending the school, for studying the curriculum and Ash. He loves a good hunt, lives for the night, and does his best work in the shadows. The stake is their weapon of choice, but at stake is their future.

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