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Life will throw a lot of trouble your way—but love is always the reward. As an orphan who was raised by the Chippewa Indian tribe, Garrett Harding has grown up caught between two worlds. Belonging to neither the Chippewa people nor the nearby settlement of Iron Creek, Garrett has lived apart from both communities, welcoming the solitude of a life spent alone. But now, he has had enough of the loneliness—now, Garrett wants a wife. Katy Jones is desperate. After a deadly pandemic left her a widow, Katy now finds herself trapped in a disease-ridden town. She is desperate to flee before she falls victim to the same sickness that recently took the life of her husband—but her rebellious marriage left her disowned from her family, and now Katy has no one to turn to for protection or help. Needing a way out of town fast, Katy advertises as a mail-order bride, and it seems that fortune is on her side when Garrett sends her his reply. Her journey to meet him in his homeland is a troubled one, but once she arrives, Garrett is there with his kindness and support, and Katy is hopeful for their future together. But Katy is carrying a life-changing (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Lady Cecily Lester needs money to preserve her estate and escape the influence of her domineering mother. A well-placed investment at a government competition should help… if she also seduces the other candidate into dropping out. That the candidate in question turns out to be a gorgeous man with a silky voice is only a plus, surely, even if his taste for domination is surprising. The plan turns out to be more difficult to bring about than Cecily had expected. However, she will surely solve the problem with the help of her quarry’s sworn enemy, an intense and stern blue-eyed novelist, and a certain sweet-natured young inventor who is very eager to do her bidding… quite in every way. This is going to be an interesting country house party.

My smokin’ hot, older ex-boss needs a fake wife to appease his dying grandmother. And he has his sights set on me. If I had a penny for every time that happened to me. I’d have… zero. I know deep down I’ll regret it, but he’s desperate and I need the cash. He’s number one on my enemies list but number one on the killer-smile-plus-chiseled-abs list. Pretending to be lovey-dovey with him at a family wedding is painful. Gorgeously painful. We end the night breathless with our clothes in a pile. My former self would just blow this joint, forget his woodsy cologne, and move on with my life. But the dreaded two little blue lines suddenly change everything.

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