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Love isn’t worth giving up my dreams. At least that’s what I tell myself. And it’s good until I meet him. Tennis has been my driving force since I was seven years old, and I’m not willing to let anyone get in the way of my ambition. Not even the hottest guy on campus. And of course he loves the sport too. But all I want in life is to play professionally and prove that all of this has been worth it. He’s not part of the plan. Though he’s quickly trying to be. Brilliant. Talented. Competitive. I’m having thoughts I shouldn’t and deviating from everything but him. I can’t be distracted from my dreams, though. I won’t. Right? He and I could be a perfect match, but I don’t know if I can give up everything I’ve worked for to be in a relationship. He’s playing for keeps, and I’m resisting as best I can. Who will win? Hopefully him.

He’s deadlier than sin, and her one chance at survival. Tessa George has three days to sell six gold bricks before Lionsgate Kinship’s men kill her father—and then her. The tall, dark, and insanely hot black-market dealer wants nothing to do with her deal. Turns out selling four million dollars’ worth of gold is too much heat for a criminal. But when the men from Lionsgate find and torture her, the scandalous thug shows up. Dare Holmes shouldn’t want a damn thing to do with Tessa, her father, or her gold. Not his circus. But her emerald-green eyes and sexy body call him back to her door. He’s thrust into the mess her father left her, but he can’t walk away. Not when being around her is an aphrodisiac and the thought of not being near her makes his chest ache. When they discover what her dad was involved with, the stakes become downright perilous. Lionsgate’s men are on their heels. The bodies pile up in their wake. And one devastating revelation derails everything they thought they knew. As their attraction to each other grows, Tessa and Dare fall into a race against time—one that perhaps neither of them will survive.

4 Faux Love Novels for your reading pleasure…

Book 1 – Fake It Real Good: My younger brother hates me… he’s getting married. And of course, my mother is going to have a field day with me still being a bachelor. But love is for the birds. I don’t have time for that madness. So, a fake date from an agency will work in a pinch. Hope this poor damsel in distress is up for having to meet my wretched family. If she survives, I’ll have to give her a bonus. Or hire her for my lonelier nights. Much to my surprise, she’s not at all what I thought she would be. Curvy, bold, hilarious – everything I want in my life. This isn’t good. Why in the world would a woman like her sell her time to a man like me? Surely there’s more to her story than meets the eyes. Not my problem. I just need one thing from the delicious beauty. Fake it real good, baby. Fake it good.

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Forgive me, Father. I’ve been naughty… I’m the image of the perfect mafia princess. Poised. Proper. Devout. But when I’m on my knees, I worship him, not God. And when I close my eyes at night, it’s his face I see. In the dark, I hear him whispering my name, praising me, commanding me to do naughty things. He may be a priest, but with the way his shirts strain over his muscles, he looks more like one of my family’s enforcers. And when he looks into my eyes, he sees right through me, straight into my soul. For two years, I’ve confessed my sins to him. But tonight, I’ll do more than confess. If I have to, I’ll beg. I’m sick of being a prisoner in my own life, and Father Costa can save me from my family’s sins. But I wonder—can he save me from mine?

Four Steps – When Caz was a shy, awkward teen, her four stepbrothers were her world. After being gone for 10 years, they’re back in her life, and they’re not looking at her like a little sister anymore. 

Four Good – A one-night hookup with three gorgeous brothers is exactly what Christine needed as she approaches her 40th birthday, until their best friend shows up in the morning and turns out to be her ex-husband. 

Four Fun – Becca doesn’t want anything from men except physical pleasure, but things get complicated when she’s forced to move in with four brawny construction workers who want more from her than one night of fun. 

Four Always – When an innocent bakery delivery ends with Jade being surrounded by four hot male strippers, what hope does she have of resisting them?

He’s back after more than a decade of being gone… and more gorgeous than ever. The moment Jarret Young broke my heart, I told myself I would never let it happen again—though I’ve never been able to tell him no. But now, I just want to run my animal rescue in peace, helping save the abused and neglected. And it was all going just as planned… Until he walked into town again. The moment my eyes landed on his muscled biceps, strong shoulders, and those ocean baby blues, I knew that I was in for the greatest temptation of my life—all over again. My mind still hasn’t let go of the long nights spent tangled up with him; my body still craves the way he touched me, his lips caressing every inch of me. And to make matters worse… I need his help. When the unspeakable takes place, Mother Nature sends me right into Jarrett’s domain without much say. The close proximity is more than I can bear, longing to feel his hands on my body again—and maybe this time, I can take control, and he can play by my rules. However, just when I think I’ve conquered the man who left me cold… We’re both thrown into a hostile situation we never saw coming—but will he come through for me? Or leave me like he did before? 

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