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Here I am. In a mini dress, serving champagne to celebrities in New York’s most luxurious hotel. How did a French girl like me end up here, you may think? Well, it’s a series of events: 1. I moved here a few years ago to study marketing, and got a job in a top agency; 2. My boyfriend of two years cheated on me and got me fired; 3. My best friend got me this waitressing gig, so I don’t end up living in the streets. Oh, did I mention? Tonight, I’m working at Jack Rose’s birthday party. Yes, as in the most famous pop star in the world. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but all I know is the room temperature went up fifty degrees since he entered…

Willow: I’ve been hurt too many times to believe in happy-ever-after. When I arrange a marriage with Ransom Boyd, the only thought in my mind is protecting my little boy. The sexy retired soldier is a silver fox nearly twenty years my senior and makes my panties wet but none of this matters. It’s the strength in his burly body and the dangerous tone in his quiet voice when he agrees to safeguard us I decide to trust. However, there’s a tender and caring side to Ransom and it’s not long before I start falling for the reclusive hero and hoping for a happy ending. But when my abusive ex breaks into our mountain cabin, will he destroy our chance at a happy-ever-after?

An Abandoned Colony. The New World, 1587. Elizabeth Cooke is a young mother with hopes of building a better life in a new land. Attacks on the Roanoke settlement by hostile natives, internal dissension, tensions and treachery among the colonists, all contribute to a colony fallen apart. It appears those that remain have been abandoned by their own countrymen in England, and their only hope of survival is to live among their friendly Croatan neighbors. Once there, a widowed Elizabeth embraces newly awakened desires with a handsome, enigmatic Croatan warrior, and finds the courage to stand strong in the face of her worst fear. Croatoan. Ompeu seeks revenge for the deaths of his wife and child, killed in a mistaken attack by Roanoke colonists. He joins forces with hostile allies attempting to rout the English intruders. When the remaining colonists come to live among his people, he is thrust into the role of surrogate father to an English boy. As Ompeu’s heart softens toward the English, he can no longer deny the dreams that haunt him, or his longing for the boy’s beautiful mother, Elizabeth. When disaster strikes, Ompeu must turn against his former allies, and fight to keep his new family intact. 

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