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Lily Mitchell vowed never to date another musician, but Dylan Parker is nothing like the stereotype. Sure, he’s mysterious and sexy, with a flashy car and serious bedroom skills, but he’s also smart, hardworking, and humble. He shares Lily’s passion for classic literature and constantly surprises her with romantic gestures. Their steamy relationship moves at whirlwind pace, and Lily has never been happier. It’s all so perfect that at first, Lily wills herself to ignore the emerging red flags. As her worries about Dylan increase, she finds friendship and comfort in his brother and bandmate, Thomas. But Lily soon discovers that as much as Thomas cares for his brother, he’s also fallen hard for her. As Dylan spirals further out of control, Lily must decide what she really wants, and whom she is willing to hurt.

After the end of her teaching contract in South Korea, Annie Oxford is at the airport preparing to head home. Just as she’s about to get on the plane, she hears an unwelcome sound: the voice of Jacob Wesley, an annoying and sexist teacher she met a few months ago. While Annie is grasping for ways to avoid Jacob and make the journey in peace, fate intervenes. Harrison Kim, the handsome stranger sitting next to her, suggests faking a relationship that will keep Jacob out of her hair and help them both pass the time with a little bit of fun. It’s not long before things with Harrison start feeling more real than fake, and Annie finds herself confused about what is part of the game and what has the potential to be something real. One thing is for sure: this flight is taking Annie on more than just a journey from continent to continent. By the time this plane lands, she just might have found her soulmate.

Captured by the enemy and locked in the den of a wolf shifter, all I wanted was revenge. Instead, I found myself fascinated by my captor. His chiseled body, powerful aura, and commanding voice bring members of his pack to their knees. Not me. Raised a dragon rider, I stand tall and strong. I’m told that I should be terrified, but instead, I keep pushing his buttons… Until I end up undoing the buttons on his clothing. His touch sends sparks through my entire body, and I’m not sure what I want more – to run away or to get closer. The sweet taste of my fated mate is still fresh when my hopes and dreams are crushed. Tracked down and kidnapped by a next-door pack villain, I’m desperately buying time for my mate to find me and turn around our fate. Even if it means agreeing to marry a villain, it’s the price I am willing to pay.

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