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An impoverished Lord must marry for money, now that his fortune has been stolen. Lady Charlotte discovers a clue about his stolen fortune that changes everything. Can they find a future together filled with love and security? Thomas, Marquess of Silverton, cannot understand why the widowed Lady Denfield is eager for his company, especially when all of society knows he is impoverished. Given that she is a lady with some wealth, Thomas thinks it wise to consider courtship, even though he is interested in another young lady, Lady Charlotte. When Lord Silverton begins to turn his attentions towards Lady Denfield, Lady Charlotte is upset, even though her mother has encouraged her away from him. When she overhears a conversation between Lady Denfield and another unknown gentleman, she feels duty bound to tell Lord Silverton – but will he believe her? Can they find a way out of his predicament, and back toward each other?

It was supposed to be harmless. One fake date with an off-limits football player I’d never date for real. Plot twist—Harry Westbrook is the exact opposite of harmless. My first mistake? Underestimating that boyish smile, those playful eyes, the charming words on those perfect lips. He claims to have a crush on me. But, as hot as he is, I’d bet he’s scheduling booty calls like a dentist booking teeth cleanings. I’m Nadia Chester — in-house lawyer for the Paragons football team. Queen of logic and compartmentalizing. Resisting him should be easy. But then my slimy ex rolls into town, determined to hijack my favorite charity event and turn my life upside down. Suddenly, six feet two inches of wide receiver muscles might come in handy after all. I need a fake boyfriend. ASAP. Harry would make the perfect gala date. It’s just one night. It’s all for a good cause. What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything, actually. Because I start getting to know him. And that’s when the real trouble starts. How am I supposed to resist the guy who makes late-night pharmacy runs for his grandma? And bakes cookies with his brothers? The hopeless romantic who’s saving his V-card for his dream girl? And what’s this magic that happens every time his (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

A wife. Happily ever after. That was never in the cards for me, not with a past like mine. Everything changed when Millie entered my life. The no labels I demanded on our heated encounters became meaningless when she threatened to walk away. There’s only one thing a man can do when he realizes the woman he loves is going to leave forever. I have to fix not only myself, but our relationship. I’m not willing to let go of Millie, even if promising her forever means I’m playing with fire.


Playboy boss-hole. Arrogant CEO. scorching hot doctor… and my secret baby daddy. I could never forget his dark, sultry eyes, his strong protective arms around me, and his smooth deep voice. That’s what got me hooked in the first place 10 years ago before he destroyed my heart. Now he’s back. I thought he was out of my system, but the moment he gazes in my direction, it’s done – I’m all his. But he doesn’t know about my 10 year old secret that has his same gorgeous eyes. A surprise that will either pull us together or forever tear us apart…

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