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The last thing I need is more trouble. And Alex has trouble written all over him, Tall, dark, and handsome with a smile like pure sin. I’m going to focus on student teaching and get this job. No distractions. No more drama. Definitely no more men. My abusive ex is behind bars. I can finally get on with my life. Then Alex saunters in, his smile as wicked as his sculpted body. Temptation is giving my bad luck a run for its money! Texting turns to hours of talking. Then a date, dinner at his family vineyard. Taking it slow, we spend romantic evenings together. We give in to passion, and I finally feel like maybe I can trust again. But will the secret I’m carrying ruin everything, Or lead me to a happily ever after I never dreamed I could have?

THREE Off-Limits Alphas bundled into ONE heart-racing box set.

Bossy: Finding out last night’s one-night stand is today’s new boss is troublesome. Realizing that he is your daddy’s best friend is scandalous. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Doctor Everything: One night with Doctor McHottie has him exploring every inch of my anatomy. It was supposed to be a fun fling with an out-of-towner. He turns out to be the new doctor and my daddy’s best friend. Now I know I’m in trouble. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Tasty: As a woman, I never should have broken bro code. And falling for your ex’s brother is a big fat no-no. Chiseled jawline and biceps that were born for slicing bell peppers… This bad boy chef puts the “D” in “licious.” (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

My engagement to my dad’s grumpy, billionaire best friend may be fake… but the baby isn’t. When an irresistible silver fox charmed me into having a drink with him, I didn’t know he’d sweep me off my feet and into his bed. I thought I’d never see him again, until, my dad introduced the same man as his best friend. Sebastian Walker. It’s rumored that his family played a part in my mother’s death, but my body didn’t get the memo. Now dad needs an operation and even with no money he made it clear…I was not to get it from Sebastian. Desperate times call for desperate measures… And Sebastian pays in secret. Now he wants something in return – for me to be his fake fiancée so he’ll get an inheritance. But the fire between us is real and I’m beginning to fall for him. A tangle of secrets pull us together, but when I tell him about this baby will it tear us apart?

Two lawyers. One divorce. And a past to overcome. Leo Ward: Born a billionaire and employed as a corporate lawyer, I was driven, determined and obviously easily distracted by a nice ass. How else could I explain marrying a gold digger? In my defense, Sable was sneakier than most. And one fateful night, she tricked me and changed the course of my life. Now, we’re in the middle of a heated divorce, fighting for custody of our son and my money. I’ve always prided myself on being prepared and thinking three steps ahead, but Liz suddenly reappearing in my life was completely unexpected. We’d been friends in law school, and nearly more. Back then, I’d been forced to let her go. I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. Elizabeth Prescott: Thanks to the partners’ desire for a share of the Ward billions, I was stuck representing his wife in the divorce. Leo was the man I almost dated, until Sable managed to get her claws in him. I hadn’t seen him since. Then we ran into each other at the pool party. Instantly, our old chemistry was triggered and I could tell Leo wanted to pick up right where we left off, but there were two things in the way: his wife, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Say “I do” to Scotland’s wedding of the year! Wedding bells are finally ringing for Rory and Zoe! But setting a date and saying yes to the dress is a lot more complicated when their mothers are mortal enemies and Rory’s stepfather is a Hollywood star with a death wish. And if their families weren’t complicated enough, their friends are determined to make the bachelor and bachelorette parties ones they will remember forever – or desperately try to forget… A castle, a cast of thousands, a superstar who’s lost the plot, and an unlikely stripper. Can Rory and Zoe unravel the tangles in time to tie the knot, or is eloping the only answer? Get your glad rags on and hold onto your hats as it’s time to unleash matrimonial madness!

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