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Billionaire. Ranch owner. Single dad. And now this infuriatingly hot bull-riding grump is my boss. 

All I have to do is care for his adorably wild 6-year-old son until he can find a new full-time nanny. Easier said than done… Resisting the urge to touch this arrogant DILf’s body long enough for me to make money so I can move back to the city seems basically impossible. But when he spitefully offered me a huge bonus – enough for me to get out of here and back to the city – I couldn’t say no. We have to keep things professional at all costs. This “country way of life” is going to kill me. Literally. Now the worst tornado of the century is overhead and we’re trapped in a storm cellar together. We have no choice but to get close. Real close. There are only two things that can happen now that we’re stuck together: Hold up this professional charade or let him have his way with me…

He is my first and the hot silver fox that’s stealing my heart…. 

Olivia: This gorgeous man had me at hello. My stomach whirled with a thousand fluttering butterflies every time I see his eyes. He’s like a glimmering lamp, and I’m a helpless moth. I have never experienced this with a man before…. Then one stormy night stuck in his mansion and we can no longer ignore the sparks between us. Feeling his body tremble over mine is intoxicating. 

Zachery: And now life without her seems impossible. I can’t rid myself of an overwhelming feeling of guilt due to our age difference. But I’m her first and I hope she’s my last. Time is running out. If I don’t confess my feeling for her before the contract ends, I could lose my chance at true love forever.

In the fall of 1910, a violent patriarch with many enemies is murdered, freeing his long-suffering wife and four misfit children. Can a secret matchmaking plan find love for the eccentric members of the Tutheridge family?

The four Tutheridge siblings grew up under the savage dictatorship of their wealthy and powerful father. Isolated on a small island in the Puget Sound, his three sons and daughter have little hope for finding love. Given their unique personalities and internal demons, romance seems unlikely. But when their mother secretly engages a team of matchmakers, hope blossoms for this lonely, slightly odd clan. As long as they don’t know they’re being matched, they just might get their happy ending. However, when their father’s secrets are revealed in the weeks after his death, everyone becomes a murder suspect. Could one of them have snapped in a moment of rage? Or was it one of the many people he manipulated and hurt over the years that finally had enough? And is it possible for love to grow in the wake of such darkness?

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