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A modern Pride & Prejudice retelling with gender-swapped leads.

Pride and Prejudice at the Bennet Bakery: Baker extraordinaire Elliot Bennet is pleased when his brother finally finds love, but less happy playing third wheel with Fiona Darcy, a woman who clearly despises him and his family. But the Darcy contract could be the big break their struggling bakery needs, even if it doesn’t show his messy, overcrowded family to their best advantage. And besides, even if she doesn’t like cupcakes, maybe Fi isn’t quite as icy as she seems…

Kittens and Cookies at the Bennet Bakery: Awkward middle child Mark Bennet is used to being overlooked in favour of his four louder and more charming brothers. He’s managed to carve out a niche for himself at the family bakery, and is slowly recovering their fortunes with a mixture of good management and scrupulous budgeting. Then fate drops a huge order for a Halloween party in his lap, as well as a new member of staff to help out.

(Read the blurbs for “Bake Off at the Bennet Bakery” & “Christmas at the Bennet Bakery” over on Amazon)

For Jacob Shelton, life was anything but conventional, having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth even though it was a loveless existence. Jacob hoped there was more to life than money and was about to find out the hard way. Richard Worthington longs for a boy of his own. One to nurture and care for, pamper and spoil. His friends in the lifestyle found their forever partners, so why’s it so difficult for him to find the same? Sugar baby after sugar baby leaves Richard wondering if it’s worth it. Their paths cross in a chance meeting, though it’s a life-or-death decision that ultimately brings them together. This is an MM daddy/little Christmas twist on The Little Princess Classic tale.

I’m a former Army Ranger. I train MMA fighters. How hard can it be to protect one woman? The technology Mia has discovered is going to change the world. And there are those who are prepared to kill anyone in their path to possess it. Mia is at the top of their list. Now I’m the one standing in their way. Protecting her has become more difficult than I thought it would. So has maintaining a professional relationship with her. Her eyes sparkle with a hint of mischief, beckoning me across that line. My thoughts consist of doing things to her my body shouldn’t want to do. Every cell in my body craves this brilliant and beautiful scientist. When she’s taken from me, I realize she’s everything I never knew I wanted. There is no way in hell I’m going to let anything happen to her. Now I just have to find her before it’s too late.

Cortez saves her when she needs it the most. Finding Emmy is what he needed the most. Emmy’s new boss is too perfect. He’s a handsome, older man who enjoys tempting her. She’s fighting falling for him. The temptation is unbearable. Cortez makes her heart feel it’s bursting. He gives her body goosebumps. He puts her brain on overload. He’s trying to break down her walls. She can’t let that happen. Cortez is a Navy Veteran. He’s been raising his son on his own since he was six months old. When Miles starts going to school, he feels lost. That is until he meets a beautiful bombshell who takes his breath away. Suddenly, he’s making plans to expand his family. He wants everything from Emmy. Her laughter, her body, and command of her heart. They’re both wounded. Can they heal each other? Or will, they bring each other down?

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