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They plan to get married in their hometown, but a quick turn of events postpones their wedding. A mysterious secret is unveiled after a young woman goes missing for several years. Michelle Nolan had spent most of her tumultuous teenage years trying to keep her parents’ failing marriage alive while acclimating herself to the rocky landscapes and winding trails of cozy Casper, Wyoming. Now twenty-six, she’s ready to tie the knot with her high school sweetheart, Tyler Bane, who’s recovered from his own tribulations by carving out a successful career at a software company. While helping Michelle seek a Mother’s Day gift at a local antique store, Tyler discovers a life-sized mannequin of a Native American chief, donning a leather bracelet with a red gemstone centerpiece. Ironically, the bracelet is identical to the one that they found left behind in a nearby abandoned house when they first began dating. Tyler had kept it with him as a souvenir. The store owner, John Harrington, is wearing one, too. Is this just a coincidence or is there more to it? John eventually divulges the secret. Suddenly, the world before them starts to shift. The clock is turned back several centuries, and the three find themselves standing within the vast plains that are now empty. Little do they know, the land is dominated by native tribespeople,  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

He left me with two things. One, an uncontrollable desire to be with him. And, two an unexpected baby bump. Clearly, a lot had changed. I see him now as more than just my brother’s best friend. With his deep voice and masculine beard that’s hard to ignore. And he definitely notices how much I grew up. In spite of my overprotective brother that watches me like a hawk and our ten-year age difference. Still, he knows that I am supposed to be off limits, but the chemistry between us is too hard to restrain. Which is why we had an unforgettable night that will probably mold the rest of our lives. I want to be with him but my brother may put an end to this relationship even before it begins.

How does Courtney convince commitment phobic Ryan he needs her? Not just for a night, but forever. Ryan: My life is on the freeway, just me and my Harley. I don’t do relationships. Ever. Spoiled little rich girls are not my thing. Even though watching her dance makes me want to carry her off and make her mine. Maybe I’ll do that, just for one night, and then I’ll be gone. The girl is dangerous to me and my sanity and to my entire way of life. I’ll be glad when the party is over and I can get back on my bike and hit the open road. Problem is she’s not that easy to walk away from. Courtney: His life is free and full of adventure and I want to share it with him. Ryan says I can travel with him for two weeks so that’s how long I have to convince him he can’t live without me and that we are already in a forever relationship. He is mine, he just doesn’t know it yet.

When a nose-ring wearing hippie and a greasy rig pig strike a truce for thirty days while they work together, it’s hilariously perfect. As an up-and-coming public relations advisor who specializes in green companies, my life’s purpose is to save the planet. I believe people should get along and I love everyone—except for Beau Tucker. Beau Tucker is a greedy, horrible, oil tycoon who is destroying the planet. I would rather clean up dog doo than work for that scum, but an oil well explosion forces Beau to track me down and throw out an offer I can’t refuse. Tempers flare, but we set our egos aside and soon find out sometimes opposites really do attract. Will we be able to put our differences aside and get a shot at happily ever after?

No Trixikka has ever laid eyes on a female before. The first one I stumble across? She’s mine. Rynn: The Goddesses blessed me with a gift when I find a strange, wingless, tailless creature in the depths of the jungle. A female. My female is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her body is so different from mine, but this only excites me. She is my mate, and we have all the time beneath the skies for her to teach me of those differences. Serena: I don’t believe in love. But then again, up until a week or so ago, I didn’t believe in aliens either. And yet here I am having been abducted, stranded on a jungle planet, and now surrounded by a tribe of huge, protective aliens with wings and tails. At least these are the good guys. Their leader, Rynn, is convinced I’m the reason the skin on his chest is lit up like a Christmas tree, particularly the area directly above his heart. But that’s just some weird alien biochemical reaction. Just like all supposed ‘love’, right?

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