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Dougie: Rich girl, poor boy. It was the oldest story. Yet it was ours. I knew Penelope was different the moment I laid eyes on her. But all she wanted was to be friends-with-benefits. My best friend told me not to mess around with the new girl. He didn’t say anything about marrying her. Or what might happen if we broke our vows. Penelope: I was the rebellious trust fund baby. The one who threw the finger to her parents. I designed a life I loved. No rules, no expectations. Something easy. Dougie didn’t want easy, he wanted commitment. Babies, marriage, the postcard perfect house in the ‘burbs. The life. It was all ours. Until it wasn’t. All we had now were lies and betrayal. Lies that might just cost us everything.

Cindy: “Break up with him!” No, that’s not chapter one. But those were the ever-first four words Jake Vance spoke to me when we were 18 years old. Also, the following chapters weren’t just the encounters, but those had been my unnegotiable nightmares. Then followed the middle chapters that had blank papers. Silent. Blissful. Empty stage with muted music surrounding us. Again, that didn’t last forever. Because the most-unprepared chapters are waiting for me. Jake Vance, the wrathful God and the anointed Devil, is carved from a glacier. Punched you with his green eyes and smirked at you to swallow you whole. Need I say more? Then hear me out. He wants me, the way he wanted me back then, just to ruin me. Thoughtlessly, fate made me come face-to-face with the Devil. And I’m in deep, deep trouble like the way inhaling my next breath could put me in danger. Yes, Danger is his middle name. And, oh-so hauntingly Divine drops to knees, surrendering before Danger. Well…I’m trapped. Also, I fear that there will not be a heart-smiling, floating-on-air epilogue but a heart-breaking, cliff-hanger ending.

I have more money than I know what to spend it on. The power that comes with being a partner at a law firm. A closet-full of tailored Brioni suits. The ugly divorce. A daughter I love more than life itself, even if I’m not sure she’s mine. What I don’t have is her. My queen of thorns. Maria Tavares has the paralyzing effect of a black widow disguised as a femme fatale. She’s brains and beauty, and has the audacity to f*ck around like a man without regard for feelings. And she lives by the mantra, “hit it and quit it.” Yours truly included. After a one-night stand six months ago, I want my formidable rose—any way I can have her. When she comes to me needing a favor, I’m quick with a proposition she can understand: an arrangement. Three months. All in. Strings attached. No interferences. Titles exchanged. Mine. In this battle of wills, Maria will discover that I know she needs to be handled with a firm hand. Especially while she’s on her knees for me.

One night. One dare. One big disaster. I’ve never stolen before, and I didn’t really steal anything this time. I just borrowed a phone—without permission—and gave it back soon after, I promise. He didn’t even notice it was gone. Not too bad, right? Wrong. It would have been okay had I not taken a few risque selfies with it to give the silver fox I stole it from a thrill to remember. Now I’m the one that can’t forget and if I don’t get my hands on his phone again, human resources will fire me for misconduct. Did I mention he’s my new boss? Yeah, I know, just my luck.

Miya: I awaken to the touch of cold metal hands and talking holograms. Paralyzed and dependent on the Others. They tell me a story… at first; I refuse to believe. A story of no return and extreme loss, but one of the voices is different. He projects anger and distrust…but his hands… even though cold and hard, are always gentle. I have come to crave the sound of his growls because I know within moments, he will hold me in his arms. When my sight returns. I was not prepared to see what he really was, but when he collapsed in front of me, his body failing. Why do I suddenly feel like this is my biggest loss yet? Hugo: I have done everything in my power to prepare a safe world for her once I’m gone. I fought my attraction, knowing I was unworthy of her trust, but I crave her like no other. Unfortunately, my mind is no longer my own, and the only way to destroy the monster who has invaded my head is death. All that matters in my end… is that she survives… because I would rather die than share what I know is MINE.

Allegra: I’m afraid of nothing and everything. When that car accident changed my life twelve years ago—I thought it was over. Dom saved me. I used to think that I could save him, too. He was the only one who could see me. But then Nate came along and saw me, too. One is my past. Only one will be my future. I want them both—only one of them can keep me. Eventually, I’ll have to choose. Even if it burns me alive. Dom: A car accident nearly killed her. So the monster became what she needed: a hero. But little girls grow up to whisper I love you’s and forever’s. I should have never touched my best friend’s little sister. When my actions threatened her safety, I did the only thing I could think of: I married her behind her older brother’s back. A fire and a five-year prison sentence changed everything. She threw away our vows, so I plotted my revenge. There was only one thing I didn’t factor in upon my release. Him. Nate: I’ve spent the last eleven years on the run from my past. I bed unsuspecting women and rob them in their sleep. My mistake was underestimating Allegra. She beats me at my own game. When circumstances find me at her mercy, I’m determined to erase the tattoo of her pretty hazel eyes and her body under mine from my memory. But Allegra’s fire isn’t easily forgettable. And I’m not the only one who feels that way. We both want her. Only one of us can keep her. May the best man win. 

Playing truth or dare with your grumpy billionaire boss in a hot tub is never a good idea. I always had a crush on my best friend’s brother Luke. He’s hot, rich, and bossy. But a relationship is the last thing on my mind. He needs a live-in nanny to care for his daughter. I desperately need a job. Every day is unpredictable with this arrogant playboy. One day he admires me, Next day he detests me. Yet when I see the love he shows his daughter, I know he’s soft underneath his hard exterior. And just like that I start to fall for him. He claims he isn’t interested, but his lips on mine tell me otherwise. We cross the line and share a night of forbidden passion. Now things begin to shift. He’s damaged and swore he would never be in a serious relationship. So we agree that it could never happen again. But the chemistry between us is undeniable. With mixed feelings and my job on the line, Can I risk a broken heart for a chance of true love?

When Alexandria Spencer rushes from New York back to her hometown of Grey’s Harbor with the news that her beloved father suffered a heart attack, she prepares for the worst. Of all the wildest possibilities Alex considered, none of them involved a reunion with Gabriel Barnes, a high school classmate who diligently worked alongside her father for extra cash as a teen. She also didn’t realize that Gabe, the shy young man she’d grown up with, had morphed into a ruggedly handsome jack-of-all-trades who managed Spencer Farms. Despite the years and miles between them, the sheltered longing Gabe held for Alexandria Spencer never subsided. Back in town and eager to help, Alex works on the farm beside Gabe while her father recovers. As they share the workload and rekindle their friendship over youthful memories, the flame Gabe held for his long-lost crush surges anew. But when Alex plans to visit the first store she opened, Gabe can’t protect her from a heartbreaking discovery. Daisy’s Ice Cream, a once thriving landmark in town, has withered to an abandoned storefront. Freezer-burned tubs of ice cream aren’t enough to dampen Alex’s desire to revitalize her shop. With Gabe by her side, Alex embraces the passion she struggled to find in New York. But when a dazzling opportunity presents itself, Alex must make a choice: a dream job in the big city or her love for sweet scoops, Grey’s Harbor, and Gabriel Barnes. 

Ashley, who grew up in a small suburban town in Texas, decides to move to New York after college. She says goodbye to her childhood friends, including her boyfriend, and leaves for New York.She plans to stay with an old friend named Kate, who moved there when she was in high school. Ashley gets to New York, and her friend Kate is a busy woman who barely has her time. She realizes she’s lonely and decides to join a dating app. She gets a blind date and takes an Uber to the agreed-upon location. When she gets there, she waits for a while until she realizes that she has been stood up. Ashley ends up having a one-night stand with a handsome stranger. She expects never to see him again but is shocked to find out that he’s the CEO of the company she’s working at. She tries to resist him at first, but can’t when she’s hired as his assistant. One thing leads to another, and they end up falling for each other. He is a quiet, stoic, and unbelievably handsome man and she is a southern firecracker that says whatever is on her mind. Challenges arise along the way as they try to stay together, but fate keeps pulling them apart. Will fate be enough to quench the flame of desire? Or will their feelings stand strong amid the chaos?

Dalton: The thing about love… It’s kind & beautiful, soft & hard, forgiving & emotional, but love can also be blind. Love can twist and turn you into someone unrecognizable. That’s the way it was for Josie and me. She became my everything. I fell heart over mind, allowing her to take the only thing that I could call my own. The life I envisioned for us was blurred by secrets, hard to overcome. She made me question whether what we had was based on truth or a lie. Joselyn: Dalton was an obstacle in the way of what I’d always shied away from, and the only way to reach my end was through him. So, I made a choice to get close to him, even when I shouldn’t have. We were never meant to be what we became. I didn’t intend for something forced to turn into something real. In the end, Dalton was so much more than just a means to an end. He held the key to everything, including my heart. It was his to have, to hold, to break, and to mend. That’s the thing about love… It can’t be forced. It just happens, and once it’s in motion, it’s impossible to stop.

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