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Clockwatchers used to bother me, until a sexy investment guy changed my mind. Many people are a bit uptight. Maybe that’s why I was constantly analyzing my friends’ relationships instead of finding one of my own. Maybe that’s why I often felt like switching cities, to run away. Then I met Asher. Tightly wound, but the most sensual, driven man I’d ever laid eyes on. Our immediate closeness made me feel extraordinary. Would a gorgeous stockbroker actually make time for a purple-haired barista like me?

There’s always that one guy, right? So perfect he’s guaranteed heartbreak. For Hailey, that’s Jack. He’s everything: handsome, athletic, kind. He’s also hopelessly head-over-heels for Ella, laughing at everything she says, kissing her like he can’t get enough. Hailey could absolutely die. But when Jack invites Hailey to lifeguard with him at a tony country club, Hailey jumps at the chance. Call her a glutton for punishment, but a summer of skimpy swimsuits, sun, and Jack by her side? One last chance to steal him away before they all leave for college? YES PLEASE. Of course, Ella’s there every day, lounging in her bikinis and lip gloss smiles. And the worst part? Hailey totally gets why Jack can’t resist her. Ella’s got this teasing, mean girl attitude that keeps Hailey on her toes. There’s something about her that makes Hailey’s insides ZING! And then melt in the most delicious…… uh-oh. Guess the only thing worse than an impossible crush is having two impossible crushes.

What would you give to save the one person who truly loves you? Your soul? Your life? Your love? Life was far from perfect after my mother’s sudden death, but it was one I’d grown to love as I spent my younger years traveling and learning alongside my father. A life I’ll never know again. Not after she and her two cruel sons step into our lives. My father swore he’d never love again, but just as suddenly as she arrived, she became the very center of his world… and just as quickly, I was all but forgotten. Life turned upside down yet again, my days now spent “as a woman should,” confined to the house and endless chores. Still, I did not complain… if only for my father’s sake. Not even when cruel words turn into even crueler punishments at my new family’s hands. It isn’t until I find my father suddenly on his deathbed and myself betrothed to a sadistic lord at my stepmother’s command that I finally decide to take matters into my own hands. I have to save my father. I have to make a deal with The Bargainer. If I fail, I’ll be found, beaten, and married off to undoubtedly die at my husband’s hand. If I succeed, my father will live, though at what cost to myself I do not know. Either way, my life as I know it is forfeit… but at least this way, I can choose my own fate. Or, so I thought.

She glared at me through the rain, then smacked me with a menu. I knew she had to be mine. Her plush lips, her fiery eyes, her sass. Those hips that feel so perfect in my rough palms… She’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I moved back to Oakton to work in our forest. Map trails, study trees. Now I study more important things, like Bridget’s silky soft skin, and how tiny buttons don’t work well with huge lumberjack hands. And how she gets completely rattled when she sees strange men in cheap suits. She’s hiding something. Her mother is too overprotective. Will Bridget trust me, and let me care for her? I’m obsessed with my sweet girl. My desire is barely under control. She’s already turned me sappy, imagining our life together as the lyrics of country songs. I’m going to find out the truth. Make her understand that she’s already the most important thing in my life.

Ryan Wells: Olivia North was everything I always wanted. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew nothing would stop me from having her. Not even being her professor. In the end, I got her. Got the white picket fence and historic home, too. But nothing could replace the babies we lost before they were ever born, or the sleepless nights that followed. We made a pact once, in those early days of grief. We would always put each other first and be honest about everything. Because the only way through our mourning would be together. Until it wasn’t. When our last baby was stillborn, I was afraid I’d lose Olivia forever. The vibrant woman I’d married was slipping away under the weight of her unbearable pain. So, when Brighton Kerrington moves in next door to renovate his uncle’s property, and I see light return to those haunted blue eyes, what do I do? The one thing that could cost me my entire world. I’d do anything to see Liv happy again—even if it means ripping my own heart in two to sew hers back together again. But when pleasure replaces pain, the truth exposes more than we bargained for. What was meant to bind us together in love might be the very thing that tears us apart. They say the truth shall set you free. They never tell you the cost.

A special delivery with photos of my groom screwing other women, Sends me bolting from the church right into the massive arms of my abductors. My three oversized alpha captors have much bigger plans for me than walking down the aisle. Anthony my Silver Fox, has a sex appeal that makes him impossible to resist. Christopher likes it rough, with his big bulging… muscles. And Francis, my protector is sweet and kind and hot as hell. These smoking hot brothers have ignited burning desires deep inside me. They’ve vowed to help me get my revenge on the ones who killed my family. They’re teaching me how and protecting me. But who will protect me from them? I feel myself falling hard. One by one they mold me to their will. I can’t resist them. I won’t resist them. With my newfound freedom, I can have everything I want. And I want them but will they share me? Or will my needs break the sacred bond between brothers?

Her Alpha Daddy Next Door: A homicide detective falls for his nerdy neighbor in this hilarious romantic comedy. 

Her Alpha Boss Undercover: When a computer geek goes undercover at the family business, he runs right into his future in this over-the-top romance. “Ben Dover” will keep his BBW swooning.

Her Alpha’s Secret Baby: Four months ago, the love of his life disappeared from this brooding alpha’s life. Now she’s back with a big secret. For a second chance with his curvy girl, this Goodson brother will take the biggest leap of all.

Her Alpha Protector: This tattooed alpha is determined to find out why his curvy girl has turned him down every day for six months. Once he learns the truth, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his woman in this steamy short romance.

Her Date with an Alpha: When this bossy billionaire meets a sassy kindergarten teacher, he’s determined to claim her as his own. He’s a man on a mission…and she’s his target in this sweet romance.

Brighton Kerrington: Olivia North was everything I always wanted. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew nothing would stop me from having her. Not even her husband, Ryan. In the end, I got her. Maybe it wasn’t all to myself, but Olivia was worth every sacrifice I made to be with her. What started as a chance to help Olivia heal from the loss of her babies, ended up changing us all forever. Because there wasn’t anything Ryan and I wouldn’t do to make her happy—including sharing her love. Forgiveness and healing are strange bedfellows, but when it comes to love, nothing is off limits. But everything comes at a cost, and there are key moments that end up changing our lives forever—altering the trajectory we were once on. Before all is said and done, the three of us end up paying more than we ever bargained for. Could our unorthodox love survive the hands of fate, or was it all just the beginning of the end?

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