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I’m an ambitious lawyer. She’s a cake pop delivery girl. I cannot believe they’ve made me her babysitter. After a decade of long hours and non-stop grind, I’ve been tapped to make partner. I’m so close, I can taste it. The only catch? First, I need to babysit our biggest client’s niece while she launches her cake business in our building. She thinks overworked lawyers are the perfect crowd for sprinkles and sugar. I think it’s a waste of damn time. But I’ve worked too hard for this promotion, and I will not let this girl derail me now. Not with her antics, or her cakes, or her teasing little smiles. Yes, she’s sweet and pretty. Yes, she makes my cold, dead heart race in my chest. But she’s a distraction. That’s all.

She needs a hero to save her beloved bookshop. He needs a girlfriend to satisfy his mother’s dying wish. Can this grump and sunshine pair work out the perfect deal for a happily ever after? If Cassidy Woods could make one dream come true, it would be to save her struggling bookshop from closing its doors. So when wealthy investor Liam Henry announces he is shutting down her store, Cassidy will do anything to change his mind, including becoming his girlfriend. Liam Henry is running out of time. His mother’s final wish is that he’d meet the girl of his dreams before it’s too late. But Liam doesn’t stand a chance without some kind of help. No woman can see past his grumpy exterior to discover if he has a beating heart under his designer suit. When his mother advertises his search for a girlfriend, Liam makes the best and worst plan of his life: ask Cassidy to become his fake girlfriend. Too bad she’s his gorgeous employee who’s about to get axed from her job. Cassidy’s sunshine is the perfect opposite to his grump, forcing Liam to make an outrageous trade off he’s destined to regret. Now everybody’s happy, except the mismatched couple who are headed toward a bumpy road that unravels every tightly constructed argument they’ve put up against love. In the end, only one of them can win. When they’re thrown together in a race against time, will a plot twist they didn’t see coming ruin everything? Or will they discover that in fooling everyone, the only person who’s fallen for it is themselves?

Clear Skies: Fate and flooding rains brought them together. Secrets may tear them apart. Daisy’s car is stalled in the middle of a flooded creek, with the water rising quickly. Dale is in no mood to rescue the woman about to be swept away by a raging tropical storm, who’s clearly a city girl. But he soon finds out Daisy is a determined to get her own way, with plenty of secrets to hide. Then, a woman is found drowned, and everyone become suspects in a murder investigation. On a night full of chaos, Dale and Daisy uncover the truth about the killer, but how can Dale protect this woman who’s stolen his heart?

Starlit Skies: They’re polar opposites, with only one thing in common…they survived the helicopter crash…but that’s just the beginning. When acclaimed chef, Skylar, hears the unmistakable sound of a muffled scream and confronts a sadistic husband hurting his wife, she finds herself on the other end of the man’s violent fists. Senior Constable Nash has admired her from afar for over two years but is resigned to the fact they will never be together. On a shared helicopter ride to return home from testifying at the abusive husband’s court case, their aircraft is shot down. Lost in remote far North Queensland, Nash and Skylar have only their wits to help them survive.

Crystal Skies – Her heart was shattered the night he disappeared…now he’s back (Read full blurb on Amazon)

When legendary actress Edwina Rochester offered me a job to be the nanny of her five-year-old goddaughter, I didn’t expect to end up living at Thornhill, her infamous Hollywood mansion. The site of a kidnapping, suicide, and possible murder. Nor did I expect to fall in love with my charge’s devastatingly handsome father, Ward Rochester. A man who’s totally off limits and is hiding a secret. As my feelings for him deepen, strange, frightening sounds start coming from the room next to mine. My most intimate possessions go missing. And someone’s leaving me notes, threatening my life. Should I trust the mysterious, mercurial Mr. Rochester? My heart tells me yes. But my brain tells me run. The problem, reader, is I have no place to go. And I cannot resist him. Will I get the happily ever after I’ve always longed for? Or will I be the next victim of The Curse of Thornhill? 

I killed him. I didn’t mean to kill him. It was either him or me. So I fought for my life. Justifiable Homicide. That’s what the DA called it. Olivia: They can call it whatever they want, but in the end, I killed him and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. Now I’m just trying to get my life back to normal. On my first day back to work as a Fire Fighter Paramedic for the City of West Palm Beach, Florida, I have a hurricane bearing down on me, a new partner to train, and my first patient of the day is the biggest pain in the… well, you know. I’m fine. That’s my new mantra. I’m fine. Now, if I could just convince everyone else. Gabriel: She’s beautiful, and I have an attraction to her I cannot understand. But she keeps warning me off her. I don’t want to listen, but I certainly don’t have the time to deal with someone that has a whole planeload of baggage. I just got back from spending six weeks in Syria rescuing stupid, but well-meaning kids, an international billion-dollar security company to run, and two brothers to keep track of. I should heed her warning. I just don’t want to. 

Morgan McCallister was a bear shifter who had given up on finding his fated mate. He was growing long in the tooth and tired of the bar hopping and hookups. None of the women he met were her. The one the man longed for, the one the bear needed. Without a mate, he would go rogue—a fate he wouldn’t wish upon any shifter. He should have realized that fate took its own sweet time. Daisy Fox was no man’s idea of a perfect woman. She had a few too many curves and a little more sass than was attractive to most modern men. Well, at least the ones she had met. After her grandmother passed away, she packed her car. The sweet woman had been the last of her family and had urged her to seek out what was most important. Trouble was Daisy didn’t know what that was exactly. She only knew she’d grown restless in the past few years. Yearning for something. Her instincts led her west, straight to Bear Canyon, Montana. Straight into the arms of a big, burly, slightly grumpy bear shifter. Was he the reason she was there? Had she been led there by something other than sheer blind luck? Had the fates decided these two hearts belonged together? 

A wild evening goes demonically wrong… Patience craves answers. Half a century after appearing on the steps of the witch academy, she was still no closer to recovering her lost memories and identity. Tormented nightly by visions of red eyes and burdened by dreams that, although connected, remain unclear. Patience, to distract herself, decides to defy the rules and enter the vampire club, Moarte, an act strictly forbidden for witches. Never expecting her best friend, Michael, to begin his transition into a full demon, Patience, desperate to save him, binds him to his vampiric lover. To make matters worse, Lucius, the domineering brother of the vampire, whom Michael is now bound to, harbors a deep resentment for witches and especially for Patience. Even so, they must now work together to find a soul gem that will untether the bond before her best friend completely consumes his brother’s soul. As their unlikely alliance takes form and their attraction grows, Lucius’ presence draws out long-forgotten memories deep from within Patience. He may just be the key to unlocking her past—but will she be able to convince him that he needs her far more than he needs to kill her? Rediscovering her past and how it binds her to Lucius may just prove to be far more dangerous than either of them imagined. 

Welcome to Sandover Prep, where the delinquents roam…and you can’t trust a soul. Finding out your mom is marrying some rich guy you’ve never met is enough to make any 18-year-old’s head spin. And for RJ Shaw, it gets worse: He’s being sent to Sandover Prep for senior year. If there’s one place a misfit hacker like RJ doesn’t belong, it’s an ivy-covered all-boys boarding school for rich delinquents. There’s no point trying to get along with anyone. That is, until he meets Sloane Tresscott in the woods on the outskirts of campus. Gorgeous and sharp-tongued, Sloane is pure temptation. Except Sloane is the one girl he’s forbidden from touching. The headmaster’s daughter. Good thing RJ doesn’t believe in rules. Sure, Sloane insists she’s swearing off boys this year, but he wants her bad, and he’s going to win her over if it kills him—unless her ex-boyfriend, the ruling king of Sandover, kills him first. Luckily, RJ’s unwittingly made some friends. His new stepbrother Fenn, a pretty boy with a self-destructive streak. Lawson, self-proclaimed agent of chaos. And Silas, the All-American good guy who can’t actually be as nice as he seems. If RJ wants to survive prep school and win Sloane’s heart, he’ll need to find the secrets hidden in the walls of Sandover.

Diego: Everything I’ve always wanted is mine for the taking. My uncle makes me an offer I can’t refuse— marry Camila Castro, youngest daughter of the most powerful drug lord in Mexico, seal our shaky alliance and then rule the Five Families. It’s the chance to reclaim my birthright and lead my family. It’s the chance to rule. I don’t know anything about Camila— except she’s an eighteen-year-old brat who’s used to getting whatever she wants. Every narco in Latin America would sell his soul for one night with the raven-haired, brown-eyed beauty, and I’m the lucky bastard who gets to put my ring on her finger. I should be thrilled. But I’m not. Marriage was never part of my plan. My depraved soul isn’t capable of love, and a woman like her needs a more tender touch than I can offer. So why does she intrigue me? Why do her tantrums make me harder than steel? And why does she flatten me with her gaze? When I learn she wants to run, I let her get a head start because I need the chase. I love the hunt. And she can fight me all she wants, but like it or not, she’s MINE. 

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