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A dying heiress. The haunting threat of looming madness. And a Ripper stalking the London streets. Whoever dares to marry Isabel Vanderton will be rich, that much is clear. The problem is, Isabel isn’t interested in marrying. She isn’t really interested in dying either, but Death is impatient. He has haunted Isabel for years—her most persistent suitor—and now, he is bent on claiming what is rightfully his. Determined, Death sets out on a careful game of seduction that threatens Isabel’s very sanity. She will succumb to him, or she will suffer the consequences. As Isabel bargains desperately for her very soul, tales of Jack-the-Ripper plague all of London. The longer she delays, the closer she comes to losing everything and everyone she holds dear. Is a life in darkness better than no life at all? It is time for Isabel to make her choice.

Falling for her grumpy mountain man boss was not part of this sunshiney hot mess’s plans for Galentine’s Day. Cordelia: Welcome to Winthrop, WA. Population: Screwed. When I answered Deacon Cromwell’s ad for an assistant, roughing it with a mountain man was not what I had in mind. But I’ll give anything a shot. Just so long as it doesn’t shoot back. When my grumpy new boss finds out he hired…well, me…all bets are off. He’s way too hot to handle. And I’m dying to be handled. If we don’t kill each other first. I mean, accidents happen in the wild all the time, right?! Deacon: When I placed an ad for an assistant, I expected someone who knew about life in the mountains. Instead, I got saddled with the prettiest little mess I’ve ever met. Cordelia’s mouth never stops moving, and the only thing hotter than that pink hair is her temper. I have no business putting my filthy hands all over her, but she’s itching for someone to settle her down. And it damn sure won’t be anyone but me. This hot mess is mine to tame.

Once upon a time, in Jupiter Island, Florida… Billionaire developer, Rhett Buchanan, is forced to inspect a shipment of priceless trees and meets the girl of his dreams instead. A bit jaded where women are concerned—since most are gold diggers—Rhett falls head over heels for the Jupiter Island socialite who only wants him, not his money. Except she isn’t the glamorous socialite she appears to be. She’s the gardener…

Falling for the billionaire was not part of the plan. He’s my brother’s boss, the man I’m supposed to hate, and the one man I’m unable to resist. PEYTON: I’m trespassing on private land, protesting to save the forest when I get stuck in a tree. A handsome stranger helps me, but a simple rescue spirals out of control when the police show up and arrest us for trespassing. The stranger offers the perfect solution to my problem. By the time I realize who he is, I’m in over my head. I had better buckle up because I’m in for a wild ride. JUDE: I am captivated by Peyton the moment our eyes meet. She’s passionate, ethical, and oh-so-wild. She’s the perfect woman for me, and I’m determined to prove it to her. My job paints me as the bad guy, but we have more in common than she thinks. I’ll do whatever it takes to prove it. I won’t stop until I win her heart and make her mine.

Kade Truett was happy the friend he helped rescue overseas was getting help in the form of a service dog. Since Kade broke his leg during that mission, he had the time to help him through the process. And his kindness paid off in a big way when he met the beautiful dog trainer, Annalise Ragsdale. Annalise never mixed business and pleasure, but she couldn’t help but fall for the sexy Navy SEAL. Especially when he was in the right place at the right time to rescue her as well.

Roses are red, violets are blue. Hide your heart, little bird. Cupid’s Arrow is coming for you. Callum is more than the CEO of Cupid Inc., the company that manufactures “love” potions and sells them to mateless supernaturals who want to take “fate” into their own hands. He’s an angel. Literally. But even the devil came from Heaven. So it’s just my luck that he also happens to be my boss… Until he discovers that I’m a mole for the organization protesting his company. Suddenly, I find myself as the test bunny for his most potent product yet: Cupid’s Arrow. And my mate-to-be? Callum himself. Call it vengeance. Call it an insane marketing stunt. Call it fate. Whatever it is… There’s no escaping Cupid Inc.’s dark angel and his terrifying brand of love.

My billionaire boss proposes a marriage of convenience. He’s almost twice my age and my dad’s arch-nemesis. At 25, I had a plan. This wasn’t it. But Blake Wheeler was touched by the hand of Aphrodite. He has me weak at the knees and I can’t seem to say no. So, I sign on the dotted line. He’ll land CEO of his family’s company and I’ll be financially set for life. The rules: 1. Play the part of his wife until his dad hands over the family business. 2. Sleep in his bed. 3. Don’t let my dad find out. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to the boardroom and the bedroom. So this should be fun. Until this seemingly straightforward deal takes a left turn leaving my fake husband questioning my intentions. To make matters even more complicated, I find out I’m carrying an unexpected surprise. My heart was never meant to belong to this man. Playing pretend is easier said than done.

Four years ago, I betrayed his trust. He retaliated by breaking my heart. Adam Ryan had secrets. The kind better off where they belonged. Buried. As an urban explorer, I’m not afraid of a little trouble. But when I venture to the one place Adam forbade me from, I get more than I bargained for. Him and his friends. Along with their threats. Their violence. And their lust. Adam might claim to still hate me. What he hates more? That his friends want me, too. But they’re not the only threat to my existence. Someone else is after me. Someone who knows Adam’s secrets as well as they know mine.

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