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Sometimes age is just a number…Dom Gianni takes a lot of punishment in the hockey rink and it’s a welcome penance for the guilt he lives with. Getting traded to the new NHL expansion team in Las Vegas sounds like the next level of hell in his already crumbling life, but he doesn’t have a choice; this is his last shot. Molly McCarran is barely hanging on, certain her life will be cut short at the hand of her abusive husband. Death would be preferable to what she’s endured the last twenty years. So when she’s rescued by a sexy hockey player, who’s more than a decade younger, she’s confused about her feelings and skeptical of his intentions. When Dom witnesses Molly getting beaten up by her husband, he’s ready to throw down his gloves and fight for her. If he can save her, maybe he can salvage himself too. But Molly isn’t about to trust another man—and Dom is already skating on thin ice with his NHL-mandated probation. If she can learn to trust him and hold on, they could find the peace they’ve been missing. If not, it might be the final buzzer for them both.

Sophie Wright is irresistible, and my desire for her is impossible to ignore. I want more than just to get lucky with her. Is it luck that she’s the only person around to help me with the infant daughter who’s been dropped totally unexpectedly on my doorstep? Or is it fate? A baby? I don’t have a clue what to do with a baby! But Sophie knows. There’s only one problem: She’s the sister of my team captain, who is also my best friend…and she’s the one woman I’ve been warned by him to stay the hell away from. The one woman who is off-limits is the only person who can save me… I might be lucky on the ice, but at home, I’m wondering if I have what it takes to be a father to a child I never knew about and to capture Sophie’s heart in the process. One thing’s for sure—it’s been one hell of a welcome to the Single Dad Hockey Players Club.

I was a jilted bride. Left at the altar at an Elvis Wedding Chapel in Vegas. He was tall, dark and smoking hot. He gave me a sizzling wedding night to remember. But after sneaking out the next morning, I realized why he seemed so familiar. He’s a freakin’ rock star.

I’m different from my traitorous family, but no one will give me a chance. My father broke the ancient vampire code and turned dark. Now our powers are stripped, and society shuns us. The girl of my dreams is going to Red Rose Academy. She’s the only one who has ever believed in me. Her father has forbidden her from seeing me. I have to prove him wrong. That I’m not like my family. The only way to do that is to get into Red Rose Academy, but the doors are closed. My only hope is to convince the Headmaster that I’m not like my family. He’ll let me in if I can pass the trials. If I fail, I’ll have to live like an outcast and never see my dream girl again. Curl up with Valentin and fall in love again.

I have no intention of finding happily-ever-after. At least, not anymore. Fighting for my country was an honor, returning home is a curse. My demons need to be fed. How else can a shattered man stay afloat? When a wild night in Las Vegas with the sexiest woman I’ve ever met turns into hell, she attaches to me as though I’m her savior. But what happens when a woman hangs her hands on broken glass? She bleeds.

One chocolate shop. Two fixer uppers. Three feisty sisters. One sweet love story to bring it all together. Lily Woods never expected to start life over again at thirty. But when she opens a chocolate shop and buys a dilapidated beach cottage in Wild Harbor, she’s ready to begin a new chapter, spending her days and nights creating fabulous chocolate treats. TV star Alex Briggs isn’t about to put his heart on the line. He’s finally landed his dream job as the host of a wildly popular home renovation show. Now he’s returning to Wild Harbor to flip a beach cottage, but he never imagined the project would land him next to the captivating girl who rejected him in high school. Alex never recovered the piece of his heart he gave to Lily all those years ago. How will he keep his distance now that he can’t escape the girl next door? Lily’s determined to fix up her beach bungalow on her terms, but Alex isn’t about to let her do it alone. Before Lily can stop him, Alex is on a mission to renovate her home and prove he’s the kind of man she can trust. But secrets from their past threaten to destroy their relationship before it begins. Can this small town girl and big city star overcome their differences and find love again?

Lucy Daniels’ dreams are finally coming true. After three years of working for one of the youngest, most ambitious CEO’s in Dallas, she has the opportunity to leave it all behind and begin her career as a photographer. Lucy’s girlfriends think she’s nuts for leaving a job that pays well and includes a boss who doubles as eyecandy. What they don’t know is that Christopher James Barden the Third may be pretty to look at but he has a giant stick up his ass. However, Lucy is about to discover that Chris Barden has been fighting his attraction for his gorgeous, extroverted assistant since she started working for him. Now that she intends to leave, she’s fair game. Because Chris has wanted Lucy for a long time and he always gets what he wants.

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