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Tabitha: I swear this is the last time I will ever let my friends get me into trouble. When we made a pact to conquer our greatest fears, I never thought it would land me on a stage, in a real live, honest to goodness Las Vegas strip club, wearing a freaking teeny tiny scrap of material. Oh, this is so bad. I have all the grace and elegance of a drunken wildebeest when I attempt to dance, and I’m about to do a striptease in front of a room full of drunk men. Make that mobsters. Leave it to me to stumble into the middle of an organized crime convention. Oh my. My vacation has definitely taken a turn for the unimaginable. I’m definitely in trouble here. Marco: One look at the curvy little angel on stage and I immediately know two things. Make that three things. One, she’s never removed her clothes in front of a room full of men. Two, there’s no way I’m letting her strip tonight. And most importantly, after I spank my little soulmate, I’m going to lay down the law—No stripping, no other men, and no running in around in little slips of nothing, letting other men see my property. Marco Dean has his work cut out for him when he decides to make Tabitha his. The stubborn little miss is going to give the big bad mob boss a run for his money.

He’s powerful, gorgeous, twice my age… and obsessed with me? I might be an innocent runaway, but I’m at my friend’s funeral to avenge her murder by the mafia boss: King. He has other ideas. I should have guessed he’d retaliate with kidnap. Now I’m under his control, still intent on his demise, and honestly so turned on I could cry. When he offers me pleasure, I can’t refuse. He promises he’ll let me go, but what if I want to stay? With him.

When a CEO hires the rebel youngest daughter of his family’s biggest corporate rival to serve as his personal assistant… Luca Calcagni isn’t sure why Jacey applied for a job at Genesis & Sons in the first place. However, the red-carpet beauty just so happens to be the widow of his black sheep youngest brother. He can’t tell her no without creating a PR nightmare for his multi-billion-dollar company. Instead, he hands her a punishing schedule, hoping to teach her shallow heart a lesson that’ll send her packing. This time for good. A man known as a cobra in the boardroom can’t afford for anyone to find out how deeply or how long he’s been in love with the one woman in the world his family might not ever be able to forgive.

For the family’s business, I need a mate; she needs an escape from danger. Bolso: Who decides that a male nekrozzro has to get a mate the moment he is a mature one? My father decides that I have to do exactly that to get my slice of the family’s business. It doesn’t help when I’m the eldest in the family. For my sanity, I need a vacation away from home. Ava: I’m busy settling down and forgetting my cheating fiance. I don’t expect to meet anyone. A crazy stalker chases me, and I end up in a huge and muscular man’s arms. My heart races for him and his touches are golden. He saves my life and offers me the cash for me to be his fake fiance. He says that his family lives far away, which is reasonable until I see what he means…

Three monsters saved me. They made me their captive. Now they’re determined to keep me. An attack by a mugger should have left me dead in a New York alley. But then they stepped in and saved me… Three eight-foot-tall monsters with long black horns, wicked sharp claws, and barbed tails. One of them ate him. My mugger, that is. But that isn’t all they did. They took me to their world, stuck me in a cage, and they’re showing no indication they intend to let me go. Ever. Now I’m their captive with no idea why they’d abduct me. The longer I stay, the more my questions multiply. Not only about what these monsters want, but why they’re turning out be sweeter than any man on Earth. In the midst of all this confusing behavior, I’d also like to know why I’m having spicy dreams about them hot enough to make me blush. Escape isn’t going to be easy. And even if it was possible, why does it feel like a bond is forming between my captors and me? Shame not all the monsters in this world like the idea of me sticking around. Or even about me breathing. Can my monsters save me again?

Burnt by love in the past, Zara is afraid to get too close to the fire again… Zara Munro’s life has been completely torn to shreds when she returns to Esperance, North Carolina, after inheriting the rundown house that holds her only happy childhood memories. The house is just as worn down as Zara feels. Enter Matt Cooper, the hot handyman who agrees to bring the house back to its former glory. And proves completely irresistible. Although she can’t keep her hands off him, Zara knows she can’t offer Matt more than a casual fling. She’s nursing wounds too deep to open again and besides, she’s only in town until the house is sold. As the days draw on, Zara finds herself falling for Matt. The thought of leaving him fills her with dread, but she’s terrified of history repeating. Can Zara overcome her past and build a future with Matt from the rubble?

Nothing’s going right for Luke. He hates his job, his family is a nightmare, and he’s just been dumped after being accused of not caring. Again. When the hot librarian across the hall offers to give him boyfriend lessons one drunken night, he can’t resist. Olivia soon discovers maybe Luke doesn’t need those lessons after all. And Luke? He falls hard for the girl next door.

6 Completed College Romances for your reading pleasure… Breaking the Ice, Looking to Score, Going All In, Outta My League, Always Making Waves, Playing the Game.

Breaking the Ice (Providence University Book 1): He’s moody, stubborn, and quite possibly the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen quite a few, but this one… I’ve been watching him since freshman year of college. As a curvy girl who’s had to work hard all of her life to be a ballerina in a world where I don’t often belong, I’m up for the challenge. And he is soooo worth it. First things first. Time to break the ice.

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