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If you enjoy reading heart-warming stories about family sagas that range from a later-in-life mom dealing with divorce to the contemporary romance of a young woman who was stood up at the altar, you will love this series dealing with family life fiction.

It’s also chock-full of second chances at romance!

Beaches, mountains, and island paradises abound in this collection of clean and wholesome romance with just a hint of spice!

Book 1 – Take Another Chance – She finds herself raising two daughters – alone. He’s a police officer and a confirmed bachelor. Then their paths cross…

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The road to independence is paved with good intentions. A series of life-changing events forces Gemma Stone to realize how dependent she is on those around her. Lost, alone, and quite desperate, she attempts to put distance between herself and her past. The last place she ever thought she’d find herself is in the wilderness of Vermont. A devastating snowstorm is the perfect opportunity for Levi Hudson to have a quiet weekend getaway in his remote cabin. His father can’t bother him all the way out here. But a strange sound in the dead of night will put him on a path he never saw coming. Levi is the only person who can provide Gemma with what she needs. With an offer of marriage on the table—along with a side of squirrel—all of Gemma’s problems could be solved. But what’s in it for him?

One small town. Three couples. Welcome to Ealynn Sands. 

Kiss Me Ever After: She has a lot of plans. None of them involved him. Until now. Lennon Cole has it all mapped out, bright lights, New York and living the high life. Until a shady deal in her father’s business world brings everything she knows down around her. With nothing left, Lennon ends up in the one place she doesn’t want to be; at her grandparents’ holiday home in Ealynn Sands. Justin Navarro has it all sorted. The bad boy of Ealynn Sands, his reputation precedes him. If there’s one thing he can’t abide, it’s tourists flying into his hometown and leaving again without a backwards glance. Like Lennon Cole. Sure, they’ve had moments… Near misses and almost kisses, but he could never be interested in a pampered princess like that. Until the night he saves her life. Now the tourist and the bad boy are seeing each other properly for the first time… but it’s just a summer fling… isn’t it? 

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Best part about just one night? You can be whoever you want. But so can they. She was my mystery girl. Until she wasn’t. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who lied about who I was that night in Paris. Now I see the real her. And she needs help. I’m willing to give her more than that. Working together is just what I need. Her curves are the best part of my day. My night, too. But nothing this good is easy. When someone threatens to burn us down, I’m left wondering. Was one night in Paris all it was supposed to be?

8 Completed Cowboy Romances for your reading pleasure… Whiskey Wild, Bourbon Bold, Gin Jealousy, Wine Wanderer, Tequila Trails, Vodka Virgin, Rum Romance, and Scotch Soulmate.

Whiskey Wild (The MacAllen Boys Book 1): Can a city girl fall for a country boy? We’re about to find out. My twin brother got himself into an impossible situation and who saves his bacon? Me. I go into a job interview pretending to be him, and the most beautiful girl in the world is the one hiring for the job. Unfortunately, pretending to be a nicer version of my evil twin catches up with me. Now she’s questioning my trust. Time to show this sweet little thang the man she’s yet to meet—the real me.

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A dark and enticing invitation, A yacht overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I allowed a complete stranger to dominate me. And he gave me a gift that’d change my world forever. I assumed we’d never meet again. And I certainly didn’t plan on running into him in the delivery room. Ready to bring my twin girls into this world. His girls!!! But it’s becoming abundantly clear Doctor Dangerous has a few dark secrets of his own. Like his long history serving as a doctor for the Greek mafia. Now my daughters’ lives are on the line and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect them, Including walking away from the man of my dreams. To which he responds: “You’re never leaving my sight again.”

A scandal ended the careers of the Wilder Sisters, the chart topping country rock band. But Lexi Wilder is okay with that, thanks for asking. She’s been on the road since roughly forever, so she’s going to enjoy the break. After all, there’s nothing quite like the beautiful sandy beaches of Monterey Bay to soothe a woman’s soul. Luke Wyatt never wanted to trade fame and fortune for the only woman he’s ever loved. Now that he’s finished a punishing year-long national tour he’s headed back to his hometown of Whistle Cove for the quiet, the beaches, the inspiration, and the girl. Not necessarily in that order. Nashville wants more country gold like the number one song he co-wrote with Lexi. Luke is looking for peace and Lexi. But Lexi hasn’t forgiven him for choosing fame over her….

Annika: I’ve never known the love of a family. Orphaned since infancy and abandoned by my closest relatives, I grew up fighting to survive in a system that promised to spit me out the minute I turned eighteen. My hopes were bleak. My dreams felt unattainable. Until the day I lost my heart to him. Oliver Warbrick is the wealthiest man in New York. He’s an alpha male, a self-made captain of industry who has clawed his way to the top and strives to help his fellow man. I should know. I’ve followed his career, read his book religiously, and watched him from afar, quietly dreaming of the day he’d be the daddy I never had. A different kind of daddy. Weeks before my birthday, with the threat of homelessness hanging over me, I uncover a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. Oliver’s assistant visits St. Mary’s Girls’ Home and offers one lucky girl a full-ride scholarship to the college of her choice. It’s the perfect opportunity to prove my worth. And my one chance to make him mine. Oliver: My intentions were honorable until they weren’t. But she was so sweet, young, forbidden, and untouched. From the moment I clapped my eyes on her, I knew she was mine. Mine to protect. Mine to cherish. Mine to claim. And mine to enjoy. When Annika asks me to choose her, I convince myself she wants more than a benefactor. She needs a home. She needs a family. She needs a daddy. And this daddy needs his little girl.  

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