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Gemma: I’m popping bonbons and riding the high of securing the lease on my jewelry boutique off Main Street when I make a Galentine’s Day pact with my girlfriends. Fueled by a sugar high and bravado, I promise to step out of my comfort zone and book myself a life-drawing portrait. The thought of wearing nothing but my handmade jewelry and hanging the finished product on my bedroom wall makes me feel strong, sexy, and empowered. All my life, I’ve let other people define how I see myself but not anymore. Or so I tell myself. Because … getting naked? In front of a stranger? It’s a lot. Especially when the artist turns out to be Bentley Cormack, my one true love and the man who left me behind… Bentley: I never thought I’d return to Garland, but when I’m offered a stupid amount of money for a short-term residency at the local university, I can’t turn it down.Too many years in the city have drained me, and I need a change of scenery. It doesn’t mean I’m home for good. It’s temporary. One semester, max. I’ll teach a class or two and use the rest of my time to reconnect with my art. But on my first night in the studio, my plans are rocked. The shapely woman undressing in my studio is none other than my best friend’s not-so-little younger sister. In all the time I’ve been away, I never forgot Gemma. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Scarlett is a young, beautiful hot-wife madly in love with her new billionaire husband and keen to please. Booker, her gorgeous black stud of a husband, might be twenty years older, but his heart now truly belongs to Scarlett. He knows his young wife needs more than just him in her life, and in her bedroom. He has an idea how he can convince her, but hasn’t told her yet. Will Scarlett indulge her husband and share their passion with someone chosen for her? Can Booker just sit back and watch his bride get hot with a stranger, or will he be tempted to join in? 

To serve and protect. Meet the alpha males who have pledged their allegiance to kick ass. Finding love is a distant distraction to serving their country and saving the world. Until now. Ryan ‘Storm’ Brooks: Given leave after a grueling campaign, I return to Falls Creek a scarred man. I’ve seen things. Heard things. Felt things. The noises are always there. It’s impossible to switch off. I’m broken. Except when she’s around. Her curvy beauty distracts me from the trauma. One hot night is all it takes, and I’m falling hard. That’s until the last mission catches up with me. She’s there to catch me when I fall, but just because I’m a Navy SEAL doesn’t mean I’ve got the strength to carry on.

Can this devil atone for his many sins? I was settling into a quiet life. Work, reading, and endless hours riding and living with my brothers of the Dirty Sinners MC. Until Avery appeared. An innocent angel surrounded by sweetness and light. A filthy rich man with an even filthier reputation had no right to even touch her, much less claim her. But if she needed protection, she would get everything I had. From the second our eyes locked, Avery was already mine.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for some, but not for me. The holidays could be lonely. Only this year, I had options. Two. Ben and Jonas both wanted to spend time with me. I wanted to spend time with both of them. So, I set up a holiday adventure in a mountain cabin. We’d be alone, away from civilization, which worked out perfectly since I had no desire to keep it civil. I wanted to be naughty with my naughty boys. By Sunday morning, I knew that wasn’t going to work. I wasn’t tired of them. I hadn’t had my fill; my naughty boys hadn’t either. Merry Christmas to me. Maybe if I could convince them, we could find a happily ever after together, as long as the past doesn’t get in our way.

These hot bikers are called Knights for a reason. Get in their way and meet your maker. Luna: No one knows what the Hunters did to me, and I need it to stay that way. If I pretend everything’s normal, I might be able to hold my shattered life together. There’s one problem: Priest, the sweet, caring biker who found me in a room full of vile alpha pheromones and got me out. He won’t let me suffer alone, and he’s a comfort I desperately need, but the closer we become, the more my secret is in danger of getting out. Priest: Luna can never know she’s my mate. She’s been through enough without thinking I’ll demand a single thing from her. All I want is to protect her, keep her safe, and give her everything she needs. But how can I do that when keeping this secret is a scar on my soul, and every day I watch her suffer more? Telling her could ruin her sense of safety, but keeping it secret could ruin every chance we have together.

When road life dead ended for these MC brothers, they settled into civilian life. Opening the Skin Sins Tattoo shop in a small town and starting over. But when these alpha heroes meet the curvy, sassy women of Stone’s Throw, they find that love is the biggest adventure of all. Take this ride with Marley/Rogue, Belle/Rebel, Rector/Grace and never be the same again…. Each story delivers a powerful punch with a HEA and no cliffhangers. All the stories in this box set are standalones but I recommend that you read them in order for a truly unique experience.

Book 1: Cherishing Her (Marley and Rogue’s story) A strong woman fighting her way back from tragedy.

Book 2: Choosing Her (Belle and Rebel’s story) A curvy girl who catches the eye of the drop-dead hunk.

Book 3: Coveting Her (Grace and Rector’s story) An age-gap, second chance, secret baby romance.

leary: Unlike my group of friends, I don’t have just one fear to conquer. I have a laundry list of phobias. Spiders, confined places, the color orange (don’t ask), flying, traveling alone… and the massive, inked, bearded, giant who’s my seat partner to Las Vegas. I don’t expect the ridiculously attractive stranger to be gentle or to hold my hand through turbulence. I certainly don’t expect to wake up the following morning with a wedding band on my left ring finger snuggled up to a shirtless, pantsless Ian Miller. Oh dear… Ian: The minute the luscious curvy redhead peeks up at me with her freckled face and sparkling green eyes, I’m a goner. Cleary Decker is the most innocent, sweet beauty I’ve ever seen and I know without a doubt, she’s meant to be mine. So when she assumes we got married, I run with it. I’ll get her to fall in love with me before I have to tell her the truth. Then I really will make the feisty bombshell my wife. Oh yeah…

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