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I like my men how I like my wine, Tasty, full-bodied, and twice my age… like my best friend’s dad. I’m a dedicated nurse, and the responsible one (usually). So catching a ride after a night of drinking makes good sense. Except when that ride is loaded silver fox Landon Leggatt. And OH, did I ride. But afterward, the jerk acted like nothing happened between us, And left me wondering if the sparks were only in my head. I thought I’d gotten over him, until he hurts his ankle, And my best friend calls in a favor for my professional help. Now I’m stuck looking after this brooding grump, And still pissed that he could forget me so easily. But one look has my heart beating faster than his Ferrari, His hand stroking down my arm gives me full body chills, And I’m back in his bed again. This was wrong on so many levels, and now I’m at a crossroads: Lose him, Or lose my best friend. And things just got much more complicated, Because now I have to tell my BFF a half-sister is on the way…

Has Lady Emma been forgotten by Lord Thornbridge? She is determined to find out the truth…regardless of the outcome! Lady Emma has been seemingly forgotten by the Earl of Thornbridge, despite their previous closeness. Confused and uncertain, she attempts to speak with him but Lord Thornbridge continually pushes her away. Rather than remain brokenhearted, Emma is determined to find out what has taken place and restore their close connection, quite certain that he cares for her still. Henry has lost a significant amount of money but the pain of knowing that he cannot offer Lady Emma a comfortable future demands he forces himself to turn from her. Believing that he has ended their connection, he finds himself near to her at every turn. When he discovers her ensconced in his study without a chaperone, Henry has a choice to make: tell her everything and hope she does not turn from him, or keep his secret and push her away?

Inside this special boxset are Three full-length novels and a short story.

Two for Interference: Pride and Prejudice meets You’ve Got Mail.
When Lincoln Scott attempts to return a misplaced bra, a wrong number gets him way more than the hook-up he bargained for. Does Linc have the skills off the ice to keep up with her?

Big Vibe Energy: When Lincoln get injured, Cleo resorts to some self-service. But can she get past her hang-ups about toys to get the job done?

Two for Holding: Regaining trust after heartbreak is hard. Can Russell protect his daughter, and his heart, when his past comes back to haunt him?

Two for Roughing: Falling in love with his best friend’s younger sister when they were teens was an accident. But when they cross the line, there’s no going back. Can he keep the two most important people in his life, or will he be forced to choose?

When danger strikes, he’ll move mountains to protect the one woman who could break his heart. When injuries force Detective Lincoln Sawyer to a rural rehabilitation, danger arrives along with him. Instincts and training kick in creating the best therapy possible as he hunts a crazed stalker in the small mountain town. Especially when the target is the retreat’s beautiful owner whose brown eyes blaze with caution every time they land on him, giving a silent warning. But when the stalker turns downright vengeful, he can’t stay away. Brooke Mather’s already escaped the clutches of her sadistic ex-fiancé once. Directing her pain into creating a haven for injured law enforcement and veterans in the Smoky Mountains, she’s finally moved on from her past. But when her safe space is violated by the man who seeks to destroy her, she’s determined to put an end to his vengeance once and for all. As things heat up, Lincoln and Brooke are thrown together. Each new turn peels back a layer to a mystery entangled with more deceit than anticipated where revenge is the ultimate goal.

Any woman would be lucky to be mine. At least the world feels that way. A billionaire supermodel with a room full of awards? But I’m not interested in the gold-diggers. I want someone that gets me fully. As if she exists. A dating service seems silly, but it’s my last resort. Unfortunately the woman of my dreams isn’t the one I’m being set up with on a month-long single’s cruise. The girl that gets my blood pumping is the owner. And she’s off the menu. A friendship starts that quickly moves into a passion that I’ve been after my whole life. I don’t need to be set up on another tragic evening across from a beautiful face. This bad boy bachelor has found what he’s looking for. My bossy, naughty Valentine.

“Bad Boy Billionaire Shacking Up With Sons Nanny” Great. The latest tabloid headline has us exposed. Our fake engagement has officially gone viral. My infuriatingly hot but equally arrogant boss is about to lose custody of his son, so he makes me an offer: Pretend to be his fiancé. He gets his son and I get a big fat payout. Keeping this strictly business will be easy because we barely talk. But when I move into the penthouse to make this fake engagement look real, I’m faced with challenges I never saw coming. An angry ex-wife who wants revenge, family who steals my money, and one scorching hot night I’ll never forget. Now I’m falling hard and in way too deep. And I’m late. This is harder to pull off than I thought…

I’ve spent my life in a cage designed by my father— at his mercy and whim. I’m penniless, powerless, and frequently reminded that I’m nothing more than property to barter amongst his powerful friends. While he schemes, he keeps me locked away, protected, isolated, and hidden from his violent world. Until the eve of my twentieth birthday, when I learn my future holds more misery than my past. It’s the day he’s waited for—the day he sells my hand to the highest bidder. Like any mafia princess, I’m expected to stay silent, submit, and make my family proud. I have no choice and no voice. With a handshake and a signature, my dreams will die, and a new nightmare will begin. But that’s not how my story ends. They say a wolf will chew off its foot to escape a trap, and that’s precisely what I do when I flee into the arms of my father’s greatest enemy. Dante Serpico is a man of many secrets. On the surface, he’s a wealthy real estate tycoon, respected by politicians and the city’s elite. Behind the mask, he’s the most dangerous man in New York. Moments before my dreams die, I rush to his aid. I have nothing to offer but myself, but something  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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