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Barrett knows Diana has her own reasons for transferring to his school, but he’s torn between elation at finally getting to spend time with his best friend again, and dread at the idea of so much time with the woman he’s in love with and doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Diana’s got a lot going on; between her dad’s terminal cancer, the mean girls on her new soccer team, and the looming deadlines of graduate school applications… She’s done. She doesn’t have anything more to give. She thought it would be good to be around her best friend again, but after spending the bulk of their college years on separate sides of the country, she’s unprepared for the day to day reality of the man her childhood friend has grown into. Everything is different, and everything is changing, and she can barely hold on. When he changes the parameters of their friendship, she’s left scrambling for steady ground. Barrett’s not playing chess. He’s waiting for Diana to realize what he’s known all along; she’s his End Game.

“Bad Boy Billionaire Shacking Up With Sons Nanny” Great. The latest tabloid headline has us exposed. Our fake engagement has officially gone viral. My infuriatingly hot but equally arrogant boss is about to lose custody of his son, so he makes me an offer: Pretend to be his fiancé. He gets his son and I get a big fat payout. Keeping this strictly business will be easy because we barely talk. But when I move into the penthouse to make this fake engagement look real, I’m faced with challenges I never saw coming. An angry ex-wife who wants revenge, family who steals my money, and one scorching hot night I’ll never forget. Now I’m falling hard and in way too deep. And I’m late. This is harder to pull off than I thought…

Amos: A wise man does at once what a fool does at last. I am that fool. Two months ago, I let the girl of my dreams slip through my fingers because I was too slow and cowardly to make my move. Penelope Burton was the best assistant I ever had. I valued her work, respected her opinion, and treasured every moment in her company. Her honeyed voice and southern accent brightened my days. Her smile warmed my heart. And those luscious curves drove me to distraction. As much as I wanted to drag her to the nearest altar, there was too much at stake. She’s too young, I’m too old, and the scandal could ruin my career. I convinced myself I should wait for the right time, and my delay cost me dearly. Desperate for my Penny, I call in favors and forge schemes. For the first time in my life, I throw caution to the wind and become the man Penny needs. Scandals be damned. My second chance is just a six-hour flight away.

Blaze: I’m set in my ways. I run my business the I way have always done, without outside influence or input. I don’t usually care about the consequences of my actions, that is … until I met her. She is fierce, sassy, and a mother who protects her children like a lioness protecting her cubs. I have never wanted children until I see what an amazing mother she is. Makeba: I’m a teacher with two teenage children, a divorcee who is independent and headstrong. I don’t scare easily, but when he walks in, his presence alone sends shivers down my spine. I am not scared of the physical pain he might inflict, or the fact that he’s a mafia boss. What scares me most is the way he makes my heart beat faster and my knees become jellied whenever he looks at me.

A dark and enticing invitation, A yacht overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I allowed a complete stranger to dominate me. And he gave me a gift that’d change my world forever. I assumed we’d never meet again. And I certainly didn’t plan on running into him in the delivery room. Ready to bring my twin girls into this world. His girls!!! But it’s becoming abundantly clear Doctor Dangerous has a few dark secrets of his own. Like his long history serving as a doctor for the Greek mafia. Now my daughters’ lives are on the line and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect them, Including walking away from the man of my dreams. To which he responds: “You’re never leaving my sight again.”

Life is never black and white. One minute you’re a struggling graphic designer in LA that’s finally coming to terms with being single forever, and the next you’re flying to New York in a private jet to get engaged to your ex-boyfriend’s older brother. At least…that’s what everyone thinks. Forced to clean up his playboy image in order to protect his company, Beckham Sinclair, the city’s most eligible billionaire bachelor, wants me to be his fake fiancée and personal assistant. Now I’m spending every spare second with a man I thought I’d never see again. My freshly mended heart has barely recovered from the first time a Sinclair broke it. But with each passing day, Beck’s dirty mouth and lingering stares make me question his motives—and mine. As the line blurs between real and pretend, only one thing is certain: there are secrets hiding in this city full of black ties and white lies.

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