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Landon could be the story that makes my career, Or he could be the man who breaks my heart. Interview the famous writer living like a recluse in my hometown, Kickstart my dream career, crush my goals, live happily ever after—that’s the plan. A fiery one-night stand with the writer whose scars are more than just physical, Was not what I had on my agenda. He’s been in hiding since the wreck that nearly killed him, Struggling to write his next story. I have to find a way to get him to open up, Or I’ll never get the piece I need to start my new career. I finally get him to trust me, But now we’re getting too close. And I have to decide what I want more, The story, or the man?

Carli Hopps is looking to start life over. New city, new career, plus a new healthy outlook. Spa days, spoiling herself, and spending days at the local gym to take care of her body. Carmine is the grumpy and gorgeous physical trainer at Fit Factory. He used to love life as much as the sunshine sweet Carli seems to, but he lost his way. They are not a good fit, but he can’t help but want her.

My goal is to prove to him that I’m more than just an intern seeking experience, or not just a rich girl playing around in his company. Julian is my billionaire CEO who looks like a gorgeous celebrity even when he’s cranky… And he’s got his eyes on me—- in a demeaning, “I want to make you suffer” way. At least, that’s what I thought. From the moment he questioned me in that meeting, I couldn’t stop thinking about him—- how to exceed his standards or how to show off my intellect and skills. A heated argument suddenly turns into flames of passion. And before I know it, I end up losing my “v-card” to him. Following the tragic passing of my parents, I have to take over the family business alone. Then I found myself competing against him for an investor. This is an important deal for my business so I am eager to make it happen. But he always gets in the way. He’s still damn good-looking and even more tempting. I am annoyed, but I still like seeing him. Could it be that I’m secretly hoping he will kiss and touch me again like he did in the past?

April 1906. Stunning debutante Anna O’Malley is considering training as a librarian to escape her mother’s constraints and make her own decisions about life, love, and marriage. The night before the earthquake, Anna breaks the rules by performing at a late-night burlesque show. When dashing Lord Peter Sheridan invites her to supper, Anna includes her best friend and her handsome coachman, Lance Nolan, in the party. After dinner, Lance tries to warn Anna about Lord Sheridan’s reputation with the ladies. In fact, Peter is obsessed with Anna. But Lance wants her too and will stop at nothing to win her heart. When calamity strikes, Anna’s life changes forever as she and her companions are catapulted into a desperate struggle to survive one of the biggest natural disasters of the Twentieth Century. Afloat in the chaos, her foundations are further shaken as she discovers her mother’s scandalous connection with the mayor of San Francisco. As passionate temptations intertwine with heartbreak, Anna harnesses her fiery nature to take control of her destiny. Will she find her way with Lance and Peter and surrender to true love?

You’re not supposed to fantasize about your stepsister. You’re not supposed to desire having everything with her. Our love is forbidden, where all I can hope for are stolen dark nights. When it comes to Skyler, I’m grateful for whatever I can get…for now. Nothing will stop me from claiming and loving her for the rest of my life.

Clay Banton has done it again… With his court date coming up, Clay’s expecting to spend some time in the slammer for his latest speeding ticket. But when the Judge surprises him with community service instead of a hefty fine and time behind bars, Clay’s not so certain he’s up for the alternative. Who wants to scoop poop and clean up after a whole bunch of smelly animals? Evie Thorsby loves running the local shelter and placing the animals in loving homes is her ultimate goal. When the latest intake, a loveable Bulldog by the name of Bully, finds his way into the heart of the newest volunteer, Evie knows the dog and Clay would make a great pair. But Bully isn’t the only one who’s taken a liking to Clay. Will Clay give in and give Bully the chance he deserves? Can Evie let Bully leave without arranging to see him again?

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