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Can a retired military man finally claim his childhood friend as his lover when they’ve both changed, and a world of experience and problems lies between them? Jarrod: I’ve retired from the military and moved home with two goals: 1.) To go into business with my best friend. 2.) To stake a claim on Chrissie, the gorgeous woman who haunts my dreams.Number two bothers me because, while she’s currently single, I know nothing about her private life or marriage. I’m about to find out… Chrissie: Since my husband died, life has been challenging. I work long hours to pay the bills, and someone is playing nasty pranks on me. The anxiety messes with my mind and causes big-time stress, but I keep going. That’s what I do. Jarrod reappears in my life with perfect timing, and he’s no longer a scrawny kid. He’s muscular and easy on the eye—a generous man who appeals to me on every level. We might not have a future, but he’s perfect as Mr. Right Now. If only the rest of my existence ran as smoothly.

The first time I met him, he was a beautiful stranger helping me drown my sorrows. The second time I met him, he was my new boss… and I wanted to quit. He must be the sexiest, grumpiest bosshole on the planet. But I love my new job, so I get to work finding creative ways to avoid him. Until the snowstorm of the century traps us inside. I anticipate his wrath. But as secrets are revealed and assumptions decoded, the protector in him comes to life. My senses are heightened and I’m on full alert. Every touch of his skin and brush of his hand has my internal power board surging. It might be as cold as the Arctic outside, but in here it’s heating up like wildfire. I just hope the heat is enough to melt his ice-cold heart… or I’m going to get burnt.

Can a fabulous fashionista smooth out this woodworker’s rough edges? As a stylist, I’ve always said I can work with anyone. That theory is put to the test when I’m at a business conference and get paired with Leo Brennan, AKA the world’s stubbornest man. The gorgeous furniture designer refuses to participate, even though he clearly needs my help — that much flannel in a single wardrobe should be a crime. Lucky for him, I’m determined to work my magic on someone and build buzz for my company. Especially if that someone is a hot ginger who’s great with his hands… But when I spend time in his world, I discover Leo’s everything I could want — and far more than I can handle. Are we doomed to fall apart? Or can we find a way to make our love whole?

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