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In the red corner is a six-foot-three machine of pure mass, an ex-MMA fighter with a bad attitude and fists of steel. He is my best friend’s brother. But Sofia is not here anymore, and all that she left me were her instructions: take care of my kids. Not a simple task, especially when I have to open my doors to Sofia’s estranged brother. I spent my entire life dreaming about having a family of my own, but I didn’t think it would be through loss that I would find my gain. Three brilliant children need me, and I’ll have to learn to co-parent with a bull of a man in the China shop of my life. We are complete opposites; I’m the business first, workaholic in the big city with a penthouse. Then there’s Alvaro Castillo, El Toro, with callouses in his hands and ink all over his skin. I’ll need him on my side if I want the best for these kids, but my trust isn’t something I give out easily. To make things worse, El Toro has a secret that might ring the bell of defeat in all of our lives. Now I have everything I’ve ever wanted. But at the cost of my best friend’s life.

Willow: I’ve been hurt too many times to believe in happy-ever-after. When I arrange a marriage with Ransom Boyd, the only thought in my mind is protecting my little boy. The sexy retired soldier is a silver fox nearly twenty years my senior and makes my panties wet but none of this matters. It’s the strength in his burly body and the dangerous tone in his quiet voice when he agrees to safeguard us I decide to trust. However, there’s a tender and caring side to Ransom and it’s not long before I start falling for the reclusive hero and hoping for a happy ending. But when my abusive ex breaks into our mountain cabin, will he destroy our chance at a happy-ever-after?

Her conjury was out of reach. But when she’s flooded with strength, can she survive becoming a target? Tuesday Larson thought she’d settled for normal. A disappointment to her mother for never taking well to magic, she deliberately put distance between her family and any witchery. But the supernatural destroys her barriers when a group of mercenaries tears through her home looking for blood. Escaping with her cat-sized dragon to find her coven under attack, Tuesday’s stunned when a hunky wolf shifter saves her from an elf abductor. But when she ends up at a quirky hotel that unleashes her abilities, she’s shocked to learn she’s part of a race that’s being hunted to extinction. Finally graced with formidable powers, will she outlive the shift?

Forgiveness is brutal. It’s worse when the hurt hits you on your blind side. And it’s impossible when the heartbreak comes the night before you leave for college, thinking you’re on the same page with the love of your life when it comes to being hundreds of miles apart for the next four years. Tucker carries the hurt of Mason walking away, and it keeps him stuck – unable and unwilling to move on. When she transfers to Tucker’s school for their final year, it’s a hit he isn’t ready for. Mason has one, no, two, no, three things on her mind: run her best track season yet, get into grad school, and convince the love of her life to give her another shot. Things don’t necessarily go in that order – or to plan – as they work through the history of their heartbreak, and it doesn’t help that their years apart dealt blows that caused even more pain. Tucker is the defensive tackle usually running the blitzes. But this one he won’t see coming.

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