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He’s older and off limits. A village outcast. And when he looks at me, I burn up hotter than his forge. When the gruff blacksmith rescues me from a thunderstorm, what does my father do? He shames the man. He publicly warns him to stay far, far away from me. I could die, especially since the blacksmith was a perfect gentleman. I’m the one who could barely keep her hands to herself; I’m the one still flushed and restless days later. Because the blacksmith is big. He’s a mountain of muscle, and he makes the village carthorses look like skinny little ponies. When he took care of me, I never felt so safe. So I don’t care what my father thinks. I don’t care about the village whispers. I’d do anything to feel those big hands on me again.

Love crashes into the small beach town of Willow Cove in this newest collection of swoon worthy small-town love stories. 

Forbidden Lover: A family tragedy brought Ella Moretti home. Seven years later, with her dreams still on hold, living with her grandfather and working in the family restaurant, she is stuck. Until, a handsome stranger on the bus makes her dare to dream again. Unfortunately, his last name makes him completely off limits. Neither wanting to betray their family, they start a secret love affair, but when the past resurfaces and old feuds refuse to stay buried, Ella and Lucas have to decide if their forbidden love is worth the consequences.

Small Town Girl: Falling in love was never the problem. At the request of her boss, Aubrey Allyn heads to Willow Cove, a small-town she knows too well. She plans to get in and get out as soon as possible, but when the man she needs to meet with turns out to be her ex, and the love of her life, she needs to figure out how to get him to agree to a feature in her magazine without losing her heart in the process. After a life filled with ups and downs, Marco Moretti doesn’t surprise easily, until Aubrey (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Five years ago I had a one-night stand. Now he is staring at my daughter wondering why she has his eyes. It was the night of my 21st birthday with the man I thought I’d never see again. It turns out the Universe has a bad sense of humor. He is now my new boss. Gorgeous, grumpy, billionaire. He is completely off limits, but we can’t stop making eye contact, bringing us back to the mind blowing night we shared together. My baby girl and feelings for him are supposed to be secrets. Until, my daughter meets him by accident and he sees himself in her. Now my secret is out and he has a decision to make. I can’t lose my job and he can’t lose his reputation. Will he shatter my heart or will he become the daddy my daughter deserves?

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