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When rival club enforcer Wrath is asked for help, he is torn between doing what’s right and stirring up a past that still haunts him. What follows is a journey that forces him to question and re-evaluate everything he thought he already knew. Decisions have to be made. Should he continue on the path he’s chosen or is there a chance of becoming the man his mother would have wanted him to be? Life doesn’t always have a happy ever after, no matter how much you want it. This is a heart-wrenching tale of heartbreak and loss. Be warned, it will leave your emotions in tatters.

Cassius “Cash” Gannon wasn’t thrilled to be assigned babysitting duty that required him to head all the way to Aspen to pick up his charge. But then he met Karina Timkins, and he realized she was the light that he needed in his life. Determined to do whatever it took to keep Karina safe from the mess her father had created, he brought her back to the Silver Saints compound. Where she found the family she’d always wanted.

They say the blues tells a story, but legendary blues guitarist, Nathan Gale, has run out of words. Fifteen years ago, he had the world at his feet— his first platinum record, a sold-out tour, and the girl of his dreams by his side. Then everything changed. Fame swallowed him whole. His passion for music faded. And a love that felt eternal couldn’t survive the demands of his celebrity. Without Lucinda, his music has no soul. Without her, he’s a man without a heart. Five years ago, Nathan Gale lost his world. This year, he’s going home to Texas— and he’s getting her back.

Finders keepers…sorry bro that’s not how things are going to go. Isabella: My mother died unexpectedly and without her I feel lost and numb. I’m an orphan now and I have to move in with my estranged grandmother. I meet the sweetest guy next door and before I know it we are dating. He’s so good to me and good for me. So, why is it that I can only think about his gorgeous older brother that somehow makes me feel alive again? Killian: I’m a professional boxer or I was until my knee went out on me and it was the last injury my body could handle. I moved back to the home I grew up in to watch my brother and my fathers company. My life feels bland and monotonous. Then I meet Bella. My dream girl. My obsession. My brother’s girlfriend. I’m powerless under her spell. She brings color back into my life. I know we were meant for each other. She is mine and I’ll move heaven and hell to bond her to me forever.

Alpha. Bravo. Commander. Daddy. Lily: I’m a certified military brat. My dad’s been deployed for the last six months. There’s going to be a homecoming party for his platoon. I’ve been so excited to see my dad. I’m even more excited to finally meet his Platoon Commander. Dominic Stone is a legend. A celebrated hero. A grumpy Hercules in need of a little sunshine. I’ve loved growing up around the world. But now that I’m grown, I want a home with the man of my dreams. Dominic: I saved my comrades’ life. Now he’s saving mine, without knowing it. Years of PTSD led to isolation. Now I’m wide awake. Invigorated. All because of his young daughter. One look is all it took for her to become my babygirl and I knew I was her daddy. One touch stole my heart and gave my life a new purpose. One smile and I was alive again. One night is all it will take for me to claim her cherry and put a baby in her ripe womb.

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