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I probably shouldn’t have ogled Braden Oakley’s big axe. Oops. The four Oakley brothers coming back to town is something no one expected. But the biggest shock of all is Braden Oakley—all six-foot-four of pure sex—asking me out three whole minutes after we meet. Tall as a redwood and built like a moose, the devastatingly gorgeous lumberjack should have nothing in common with little miss artsy-pants—aka, me. Especially when his close-knit family likely expects him to date a certain type of girl—namely, the opposite of yours truly. So how come the harder I try to stay away, the more I end up wrapped up in his muscled arms begging for more of his hard…wood? Everyone talks about trees falling in the forest with no one around to hear them. But what about my heart? I should be sensible for once, and stay away from Braden. The heat between us is hot enough to start a forest fire. And if I don’t watch out, we’re both going to get burned.

This fireman wants his curvy girl back! Of course, Serena would be trapped on a mountain with the smoking hot fireman who had broken her heart. And yes, she probably should have let him explain, but her heart couldn’t take another beating. He’d found someone else. She didn’t need to hear about it from him. Unfortunately, the small cabin made ignoring him impossible. Firefighter Grayson “Coop” Cooper had no idea why the curvy woman of his dreams had suddenly ghosted him, but he was determined to find out. Only, she was harder to pin down than a twig in a wind storm. When a mudslide traps them together, he figures he has her right where he wants her. Will he finally get the answers he wants—or will her reason for leaving break his heart?

Can this grumpy Beast of a celebrity boss convince his sunshiny Beauty that they will make wonderful music together? Demetrius Fox: I went from sought-after male model to grumpy recluse after my ex caused a scandal and milked it for all was worth to further her own career. Now I’m a Beastly music mogul who scares away the talent, including the opening act for my biggest headliner. I need a replacement, or my business is going to hit some very sour notes. A talented Beauty who captivates me with her angelic looks and a golden voice just signed on for the gig. It should have me whistling a happy tune. Except I’ve fallen head over heels for this forbidden fruit: she’s an employee, a star rising into the limelight I abhor, a woman with the power to turn my sequestered life upside down. She’s also the Beauty whose music and sweetness may save the lonely Beast I’ve become.

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