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Christi Cabernet and the happy ladies of Kumquat Publishing are thrilled to bring you this giant erotica bundle! These stories are penned by authors who use their own sensual adventures as inspiration. Their intention is to make your toes curl and heart quicken! These stories include ménage, gangings, multi-partner escapades, BDSM and more! If you enjoy explicit adult action, this bundle has what you are looking for! Whether your specific picadillo is interracial, cuckolding, or just a variety of explicit action we have you covered!

Jax: I am a man who knows what I want. A man who goes after–and often gets–what he wants. I was aggressive and ruthless to make my first billion dollars, and with my best friends at my side, I just kept going. Now there are plenty of zeroes in my account–but no one in my life. But there will be–once I convince the girl of my dreams that I am worth more than money. Leigh: I do not play by the rules. As a women in big industry, if I did, I would never get ahead. I am aggressive and smart and I rarely take no for an answer. My career is going great. But my life…well, it could use a bit of a lift. When I get stuck in an elevator with a man from the office–the same man I have been flirting with for ages–I get that lift and a lot more.

A woman with autoimmune disorders and a “no dating policy.” A mysterious, cocky British stranger. A dream trip to Paris. What could go wrong? Reeling from the reality of turning 30 soon, Christine decides to take her bucket list trip. She has always dreamed of going back to Paris, but since being diagnosed with several rare autoimmune disorders, she never imagined she would get the chance to return. Now she finds herself on her way to the city of love with an unexpected surprise. An extremely handsome British stranger seems to have mysteriously fallen onto her path. Is it just a coincidence they are both traveling to the city of love at the same time? It all seems too good to be true.

Can this gruff mountain man convince his new bride that she belongs with him? Brennon: I ruined my brother’s wedding. I punched him in the nose and took his bride for my own. Because he won’t worship those beautiful curves the way I will. He’s not interested in protecting and loving Cadence like I will. In her eyes, this marriage is just a way to save her father. But I’ll make her fall in love with me. First, I’ll convince this woman that my heart is hers. Then I’ll claim her curvy body and do filthy things to it. Because this mountain man is playing for keeps. Cadence: I have no illusions about my groom. He’s cruel and manipulative. But without this marriage, my father will be wrongfully imprisoned. Then minutes before the ceremony, his older brother claims me. He insists I’ll be his wife instead and live with him in his cabin in the woods. I know what they say about Brennon. They call him a beast. They say he’s a monster who retreated into the woods, never to be seen again. But here he is, giving me a way out when all hope seems lost. It’s true this won’t be the marriage I imagined. Maybe it’ll be better.

If you find an ancient iron door in the middle of a forest…don’t open it. Alicina Peterson is an ordinary country girl from Colorado – until a hike in the woods with nine-year-old Emily reveals a family secret…and a doorway to the Seelie court. Getting lost while babysitting, in a forest overrun by dark creatures, is only slightly terrifying. Worse? Emily followed her inside. Wrapped up in the politics of a kingdom on the edge of civil war, Alicina’s only allies to find Emily and escape are a cursed princess, and the angels who defend her.

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