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Why do the best women always have the darkest secrets? I lost it all when I got out of the military—my career, my wife, and my mental health. But with a little hard work on the ranch, I was able to pick myself up, piece by piece, and provide others with the support that I never had. So, when my best friend asks me to help his sister… I can’t help but agree. I mean, this is what I do for a living. But the moment, I laid eyes on her, taking in her perfect, tight body and thick dark hair, I knew I was up for the temptation of a lifetime with this woman. And that’s exactly what I got. This woman is a firecracker, both in her attitude—and in between the sheets. She sets my body aglow with lust the moment she touches me. She’s irresistible and man, the way she feels beneath me… However, Carol being my best friend’s sister is bad, and the fact that relationships with those in my support group go against my policies make it a little worse, but to top it all off… I know she has some dark secrets. There’s something strange happening in our sleepy little town—and it’s not just the fact that she’s taking up a place in my bed that had long gone cold…. Someone is in danger… And so is my heart. 

June 1882. Wealthy Bianca Finley has always been the envy of every young woman in Hope Hollow. But when her father is arrested and an anonymous note issuing a warning to her family is delivered by handsome but annoying telegraph operator Cole Hollander, Bianca hardly has time to think about it. After all, she’s barely holding her family together. Cole Hollander shouldn’t love Bianca Finley. Heaven knows she’s spoiled and selfish, and she has a razor-sharp tongue, but sparring with the beautiful, feisty blonde is the best part of his day. If only he could convince her to take the threat to her family more seriously, she might see how much he cares. When the threat increases, along with the urgency of finding the culprit, will Cole be able to save Bianca in time? And when it’s finally over, will she see that love has been in front of her the entire time? When it seems all is lost…there’s hope!

Victoria Evans is the kind of teenager who never gets grounded, yet she has secrets she can’t share with anybody. That is, until she meets handsome William Winter. Sixteen-year-old Victoria Evans enjoys parties and a posh lifestyle while silently enduring the verbal and emotional abuse of bullies at St. Paul’s private school in Magnolia Springs, California. She finds solace in daydreaming about happy romance, deep green forests, black-and-white movies, and her family. Victoria feels helpless by the time she convinces her friends to go together on a winter forest trip and also a little annoyed with the unexpected guest joining them, William Winter from England. But as the trip progresses and the teenagers enjoy their luxury vacation rental and having fun in the snow, Victoria finds out that William has more in common with her than she expected, including the love for snowy, mysterious forests. Is William Winter the answer to her romantic dreams and a way out of her secret life?

Nate: Sydney Elliot is off-limits. I’ve known that for years. Then why can’t I take my eyes off her? I thought I put my forbidden attraction for her in the past, but when she turns up on my doorstep looking for a job, I’m faced with a horrifying realization – I’m in love with my best friend’s little sister. Sydney: Ever since Nate broke my heart all those years ago, I’ve kept my distance… but I can’t avoid him forever. My crush has blossomed into full-blown lust – and this time, I want him more than ever, even if it means getting involved in a secret relationship that could throw both our lives into chaos. When Sydney is forced to rebuild her life after a disastrous breakup, she finds herself roped into working in the sunny city of Miami alongside her brother’s wealthy best friend. There’s only one big problem: she’s had a not-so-secret crush on him for as long as she can remember. If her brother finds out, he’ll go ballistic – and even though they’re playing with fire, her feelings for Nate are getting stronger by the day. Nate walked away from her once. Can he find the strength to refuse her again? Or will their feelings be too strong for them to resist?

Tabitha: I swear this is the last time I will ever let my friends get me into trouble. When we made a pact to conquer our greatest fears, I never thought it would land me on a stage, in a real live, honest to goodness Las Vegas strip club, wearing a freaking teeny tiny scrap of material. Oh, this is so bad. I have all the grace and elegance of a drunken wildebeest when I attempt to dance, and I’m about to do a striptease in front of a room full of drunk men. Make that mobsters. Leave it to me to stumble into the middle of an organized crime convention. Oh my. My vacation has taken a turn for the unimaginable. I’m definitely in trouble here. Marco: One look at the curvy little angel on stage and I immediately know two things. Make that three things. One, she’s never removed her clothes in front of a room full of men. Two, there’s no way I’m letting her strip tonight. And most importantly, after I spank my little soulmate, I’m going to lay down the law—No stripping, no other men, and no running around in little slips of nothing, letting other men see my property. Marco Dean has his work cut out for him when he decides to make Tabitha his. The stubborn little miss is going to give the big bad mob boss a run for his money.

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