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Ranulf never expected to return to the home of his family’s oldest rival. But to stop the violent plans of a blood-sorcerer, he must protect the island’s magic. And face the only woman he ever loved. He doesn’t expect it to be easy, but the family is stonewalling him at every turn and Ran knows something more than an ancient feud is behind the deception. Years ago, Tara was forced to make a choice: Ran or her family. She’s never regretted staying for her siblings, but she’s never forgotten the boy she loved. Now he’s back and she’s facing the choice all over again. Protect the family’s dark secret by lying to him? Or trust him with her heart and risk destroying everything generations of Tirnan’s had built? With enemy ships only days away, Tara and Ran have to move past the hurt and secrets if there is any hope of saving the island and stopping a madman bent on ruling the world with blood magic and terror.

When Rosie pictured her coming of age move across the country to Finley Creek, Maine, this wasn’t what she had in mind. Making friends? Check. Getting a new gig as a teacher? Check. Dead deer on the lawn and a town full of secrets? Cut the montage and rewind. She’d used everything she had and cut all ties, hoping Finley would be home. With quirky parades, a tight knit community, and an admittedly sexy Mayor North, the picturesque town fit the bill for a new start. However, the mayor’s son acts up in class, her new friends speak in a weirdly coded language, and the mayor draws a clear line between us and them. As the pressure to get her classroom in order increases, Rosie also faces growing threats from townspeople who want her out. They even threaten her life. Worse, her own secrets threaten to emerge. She’s beginning to crack under the strain, and people start asking questions Rosie hasn’t even answered for herself. Everyone in Finley Creek is keeping a secret, including Rosie. One thing is certain. Some things we just can’t run from, and the real monsters don’t always have claws.

I joined the hunt to reconnect with my brother but instead I bonded with the enemy. At first, he seemed like a savage and an evil monster, until I looked into his warm loving eyes. At that moment he became a savior. It was drilled in me that all vampires were bad. But since falling for Jakob, I’ve discovered what true love feels like. I don’t want to lose it. Jakob denied the connection until my life was ripped out of his hands. He must accept the bond and protect me from others who want me as their own. The family is right on our heels, and we are running out of time The rising sun is stealing Jakob’s strength. Jakob must finish the bond with me or I must return to the family who wants to kill me.

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