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He was supposed to break my bed, not my heart. Mr. Hottie-with-a-Body ghosted me a year ago, and now he’s my new boss. Still cocky. Still hot AF. Still thinks he can take whatever he wants. And he wants me to be his fake wife. He’ll get his promotion and I’ll get my debt erased. At first, he drives me crazy pushing all my buttons. But the way he stares at me gives me goosebumps, And soon his rock-hard body is all that fills my thoughts. Now, I love pretending to be husband and wife. Except we pretend a little too perfectly, Because I’m staring at a big, fat plus sign. He’s promoted, And I’m pregnant. So who’s going to tell the playboy he’s a baby daddy?

I need a fake date to get the Hollywood media off my back. I find her in the least expected place. On my brother’s arm at a Valentine’s event. Lucky for me, he’s willing to give her up. His loss, my gain. She’s thick and curvy in all the right places. A perfect handful. And pressing pause? That’s not happening. The Faux Agency was supposed to be a ‘no strings attached’ deal. But I want her more than I should. And what does she want? If only I knew. My beautiful temptress might have her eyes on another prize. This charade may have started as a ruse, but now? I’m playing for keeps.

For three hot bikers, off-limits just became no limits. My father will kill them if they touch me, but when our family’s dark past crashes into my quiet life, my cute little bookstore goes up in smoke and I’m thrown into the arms of three wickedly irresistible bikers. All dads are protective, but mine is the president of the Screaming Eagles MC, so he really means it. To keep me safe, he sends three trusted men to be my bodyguards: Alpha, Blade and Ripper. They’re everything my mother warned me about. Brash, deadly, sizzlingly hot, and really bad at following the rules. Trapped together on the run, is loyalty enough to keep them from worshiping the body they were sent to guard? Mine. Alpha is the big, muscular shield that stands between me and everything that wants to hurt me. When he snaps an order, he expects it to be obeyed. I’m not one of his men, though, so why does his masterful voice make me want to submit to whatever he demands? Ripper is rough, inked and missing one hand, but that doesn’t make him any less lethal. When the nights grow dark, and my thoughts even darker, he’s there to make me smile and pleasure it all away. Blade is lean muscle and coiled strength, scars and tattoos. He wields knives like (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

To the outside world, Samantha “Sammy” Eastwood is just your ordinary girl. Grade A student, aspiring journalist, and an introvert who’d much prefer to stay home reading than have a night out partying. However, Sammy has a secret not a soul can ever know about – she’s the founder of Love, Anonymous, an anonymous love letter page for her peers on campus are obsessed with. And it all started because of him. Byron Ashford, her former childhood best friend. Law student by day, PT by night. The player who unknowingly broke her heart. When Sammy ghosted Byron a year ago, it had almost broken him. No text, no note – nothing to explain what had gone wrong. Crossing paths again in the most unlikely of places, Byron becomes determined to win back his best friend, no matter what it takes. He’ll pose as her project partner and write some sappy romance story. He’ll fake date her roommate just for a chance to see her face. Hell, he’ll even give up pursuing other women, if she agrees to his proposal. Their new arrangement seems to satisfy them both…until it doesn’t. Will their relationship survive when the secrets and revelations of Love, Anonymous come to light? Will Byron forgive Sammy for running away when he discovers the reason she left? Can a simple love letter bring these two soulmates back together? 

An age gap, motorcycle club romance with a biker who falls hard and fast.

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