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They say karma is a bitch. I grew up around the notorious Knight’s Legion MC in North Dakota. They taught me two things. One: Their family and club come first. Two: Never betray a Knight. Seven years ago, Cobra and I hurt each other in the worst way. We’re horrible people. Some say we’re made for each other. Maybe we were, but not anymore. Cobra’s out to prove me wrong and atone for his sins. His love and devotion blindside me. He forgives me for betraying him, but can I forgive him? Is a second chance possible? Can we really be a family? We’re within an inch of blissful happiness when pandemonium hits. Karma strikes and bites us in the ass, turning our world upside down. Who will pay the ultimate price this time? Cobra? Me? Both of us?

Get all the MC action from the Severed MC books in this one fabulous box set!

Severed Angel (Severed MC #1): Eve lived a very boring, very vanilla life with her boyfriend and two year old daughter. After the douchebag left her, leaving her a penniless single mum, her best friends wedding in Australia came at just the right time. She’s missed her childhood friend, Teresa moved to the Aussie sun with her widowed father when the girls were 18, meeting her biker lover out there and now Eve is set to be her Maid of Honor. Instead of having the much needed break she’s looking for, she witnesses a crime that puts her life in danger. Her dream vacation just turned into a nightmare, something she has only read about in the books she loves to escape in. Being rescued by Severed MC turns out to be an experience. The clubs VP Gabe aka Angel, could be just the diversion she needs right now but, no matter how hot the tattooed biker is in and out of bed, she still misses her daughter back in England.     (Read the blurbs for titles 2-4 over on Amazon)

He’s been warned, but she’s worth the risk. Devlin Hughes is a businessman first, and a charmer second. With his sights on a big promotion, he just has to follow one rule: don’t fraternize with his coworkers. But when his sexy, shrewd coworker suddenly becomes available, his ambitions may not be strong enough to overcome desire. Evelyn Parrish is ready to climb the corporate ladder. And planning a company function is an important rung, even if she’s reeling from a breakup. The arrogant but handsome Devlin might just be the distraction she needs… unless they get caught. When their one-night fling develops into true attraction, it gets harder to keep their distance. Rules weren’t made to be broken, but maybe they can be amended. Is their connection worth risking their jobs if it leads to true love?

This box set includes the entire three book series “A Kingdom of Wolves”.

The Grey Prince is growing desperate for an heir. Desperate enough to take me. I was too old. Too broken. Too feral. My womb was never meant to carry a child, let alone the heir to the prince of wolves. I wasn’t meant to be chosen. I wasn’t meant to be part of the Hunt. And yet, they took me. Now, I must find a way out, a way back home, before it’s too late. Before I become just another meal for these depraved wolves that dare call themselves men. Wolves who dare to set their sights on me.

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