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A woman broken by her past. A cop who’d die to keep her safe. The truth will tear them apart. Journalist Sierra Goldstein finds solace on the wild and beautiful Kangaroo Island after a devastating crash changes her life. But her sanctuary is shattered when a child goes missing and she becomes involved in the life and death search. Reed Kapua is also looking for a simpler life when he starts work as the new cop on the island, returning to the force after an on-the-job tragedy. But when he investigates a robbery at the home of the intriguing Sierra, complications start to multiply. Reed recruits Sierra after she revels she investigated a story on two child abductions years ago, believing there might be similarities to this new case. Sierra and Reed work together, racing to figure out the link, their sizzling attraction never far from the surface. When the bones of a second child are uncovered, Sierra becomes the next target of the predator. Then Reed discovers a terrible truth that will tear them apart. Can Reed and Sierra uncover the killer hiding in plain sight and heal their own shattered hearts before time runs out?

This vampire is worse than a beast. For years the Earl of Blackbourne has suffered a thirst for blood and a desire for flesh. His victims have been many. Condemned alongside him is his kindhearted half-brother. But hope arrives in the form of a beautiful debutante, whose servants could satiate his appetites while he attempts to undo the curse. An oppressed indentured servant, Daliyah yearns only for her freedom. When she finds herself trapped at Castle Blackbourne, it’s not just her freedom that’s in peril. If she succumbs to the ravenous fangs of the Earl, her body will be his to take and her life his to drain.

With All My Heart is a box set collection of the following standalone steamy romance books: Beloved Pet, Under Cupid’s Contract and Super Stupid Cupid.
I’m too busy working to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But my boss wants a private party for two. I was thrilled to be hired by one of the biggest firms in town. And even happier to be assigned to work for William Davies. He’s one of the best analysts in the finance business. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s charming and handsome. But he’s older than me, and has all the power around here. So I have to remind myself to keep things professional. Until he pulls me in, up close and personal. And suddenly business gets mixed with pleasure. I like it more than I should and want to see where it leads. But I also don’t want to mess up the career I’ve just started! William is a very demanding boss, though. And he always gets his way. This time will likely be no different. Especially because I want to give it to him. As long as things stay secret and fun, not serious. But William wants everything. Especially the part of me that I guard the most. I thought I was prepared to give my all for this job. But I didn’t know my boss would want my heart.

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