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I have my fresh start in a new town, this time a widow with a preteen daughter who rolls her eyes enough to make them stay that way. Too bad my past mistake is also here to greet me. Daxon Hellman. Town a-hole. Hot young contractor hired to build my house in the woods. It’s only when I’m face-to-face with him for the first time that I realize he’s the mystery man from two years ago. It’s a long story of too many drinks, grief that made me resort to acting out, and an encounter in the dirty bathroom of a bar. Try as I might, I can’t forget that night. And now I have a name to go with that hot body. Daxon growls at me…I irritate him with my constant social media posting. He orders me to do things…I trample all over his ridiculous commands with a smile and a choice finger in the air. He builds my house with that tool belt slung low on his hips and my cat steals his construction plans. We fit together like rain and exposed drywall. Between insults and hot stolen kisses, Daxon and I reach a truce: to let our bodies do the talking and keep our hearts locked down. I’m older than him, which means I’m smart enough to keep a clear head. Until I realize when it comes to love, age and common sense do not go hand in hand. This crazy town has more surprises up its sleeve to drive us apart, which makes me think this might not be our forever home after all… 

Despite the center’s no PDA rule, an instant attraction simmers between an expert search and rescue instructor and a broody firefighter during summer training. Axel Hammerstone is lauded as a hometown hero when he returns from an overseas deployment with a Purple Heart and silver star. Nobody sees the inner scars of war he’s still grappling with. As a tribute to the battle buddies who never made it home, he’s determined to devote the rest of his career to search and rescue operations. Kristi Kimiko is living her dream as an expert search and rescue instructor at the Texas Hotline Training Center. Unfortunately, it leaves her little time for dating. When the hunky Axel half-limps and half-swaggers into her renowned dog training course with his beautiful golden retriever, she is immediately drawn to him — and soon finds herself serving as his plus one at a family birthday celebration. If she’s learned anything in her line of work, where there’s smoke, there’s fire; and this particular firefighter has a way of making the sparks fly every time he looks in her direction!

She’s a theme park manager. He’s a ride operator trying to unionize. They have one week to train together. Let the fireworks begin. Vanessa’s new job is a highly coveted management position at the world-famous Destiny Park. To succeed, she has to impress the big boss while simultaneously managing the crew of quirky employees who run the rides. She didn’t plan on one of them stealing her heart… In between operating a mine train and a haunted house, Thomas is working undercover to unionize his fellow employees. But he isn’t prepared to go head-to-head with a new boss while simultaneously falling head-over-heels for her. She’s everything he wants—and everything he’s fighting against. Will love find a way, or will this romance run off the rails like an out-of-control mine car?

An ultimatum is given. Will family come before love? Western Nebraska, 1995. When cattle rancher, Conway Hart collides with a gorgeous brunette, sparks fly. A casual fling with a sweet and sassy woman might be just what he needs, but he is short on time and not looking for love. Elise Gordon is not falling for looks alone with the irresistibly handsome rancher. She wants a commitment, not a casual fling. When at her wit’s end, Elise decides to tell Conway to take a flying leap But she has it all wrong. Conway wants her and only her. Passion blooms quickly. Happiness abounds… Until it all comes crashing down. When Elise’s past intersects with her future, hearts are left reeling. A family may be divided. Will Conway and Elise’s love survive, or will family loyalties tear them apart?

A dying heiress. The haunting threat of looming madness. And a Ripper stalking the London streets. Whoever dares to marry Isabel Vanderton will be rich, that much is clear. The problem is, Isabel isn’t interested in marrying. She isn’t really interested in dying either, but Death is impatient. He has haunted Isabel for years—her most persistent suitor—and now, he is bent on claiming what is rightfully his. Determined, Death sets out on a careful game of seduction that threatens Isabel’s very sanity. She will succumb to him, or she will suffer the consequences. As Isabel bargains desperately for her very soul, tales of Jack-the-Ripper plague all of London. The longer she delays, the closer she comes to losing everything and everyone she holds dear. Is a life in darkness better than no life at all? It is time for Isabel to make her choice.

A woman needing a home; a man needing a helpmate and a marriage of convenience that meets both of their needs. Forced from her home, Elizabet Garrett needs to find a husband, and fast. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting a man who is nothing like she expects, but just might be the answer to her prayers. Disabled after a farming accident, Peter Arkin lives on his small homestead nursing his demons and a broken dream. Forced to face another harsh winter alone, he sobers up and agrees to allow a local matchmaker to find a suitable mail-order bride. But hurtful rejections for his handicap leaves him reluctant to keep trying. Does he have enough faith to take one more chance? Will Elizabet be able to see beyond his injury and be the helpmate he needs? Is there a chance that they can find the love and healing they both desperately seek? 

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