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Stolen away from my idyllic life, I face horrors no living creature should ever have to suffer. At the hands of evil scientists, I find hell on Mai’CuS… as well as in the afterlife. If only they’d let me stay dead. Instead, they brought me back a completely different person. One who won’t relent, not even when a gigantic, alien alpha with determined eyes and insistent claws demands my submission. Will he break through my mania, or will my new fury destroy our chance at happily ever after?

How does a single mom end up with a sugar daddy?? My best friend tells me I need to date and then sends me to a sugar daddy mixer. I’m plotting my revenge on the way out when the hottest guy in the room stops me. One dinner, he says. One dinner and I’m considering his offer, events for work only. As a single mom, I can’t turn the money down. Only this fake relationship is starting to feel all too real. He wants more, like me and the kids to move in with him. But my past isn’t pretty and his world is ready for battle because they don’t want me. Will he still want me now?

Rylee Colton came to Las Vegas to play in a poker tournament and make some fast cash teaching rich guys how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. So how did she end up sitting across the poker table from disgustingly handsome billionaire, Memphis Foster in a game of high stakes poker? The bet? A million dollars if she wins, or a month of total surrender to him in the bedroom if she loses. Seems like a win-win. Unless he goes to prison first. Turns out her hot billionaire with a penchant for risky bets is facing some legal trouble that may put them both at risk. Now she has to decide if she’ll risk it all for a chance at love or protect her heart and get the hell out of town.

Love didn’t have a place in Merrick Ashford’s life. The former Navy SEAL’s entire focus was on his job with Ruthless Corp. Relationships were the last thing on his mind while working on a hit…until Audrey Cantrell spotted him in the middle of an assignment. Merrick didn’t have any other choice. He had to kidnap the beautiful college student to protect his identity. Or at least that was what he told himself. The hitman had already fallen hard and fast for Audrey, and he was going to keep her close until she returned his love.

One pact plus my brother’s best friend equals a Galentine’s Day I won’t ever forget. Devyn: I always listen to my gut. I just don’t always do what it says. Like the other night during the chat I had with my besties. My gut screamed at me not to agree to the pact. I heard it, loud and clear. Then I gulped down the rest of my wine and told everyone I was in. I even said I’d let one of my volunteers at the big animal rescue fix me up on a date. Clearly, the merlot is to blame. Now I’ve got to figure out how to fake a blind date or they’ll hold this over me for years. Henry: Every time I come to town, my aunt tries to set me up with one of her friends. For years, I’ve made excuses, but being a single dad gets pretty lonely and this time I could actually use a plus one. How was I to know the curvy brunette she had in mind is my childhood best friend’s little sister? The one I taunted and teased. The one I ached for and have dreamed about for years. She doesn’t know it yet, but before the night is through, I’ll do whatever it takes to make this curvy, cheeky, charmer mine, all mine.

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