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Huntley Reed was convinced that military relationships were doomed to fail. He’d seen too many marriages go down in flames to think he could make one work. But he didn’t feel as though he was missing out until he met Cora Davis. Huntley tried to stay away from the gorgeous bank teller, but he could only stay away for so long. When Cora was taken hostage during a bank robbery, he had an epiphany—living without her wasn’t an option. The hunky Navy SEAL was going to rescue his woman and make her his.

Roman and Aurelie, still unsure of the events that led to their meeting, navigate the potholes of not only a new relationship but also danger lurking around every corner. Relationships between species are challenging enough without getting tangled up in her cousin’s latest ruse. Can they withstand the weight of suspicion and scrutiny with the chance of a love that spans more than one lifetime? Or will Roman be able to set aside his guilt and do what has to be done to save them both? Blood is the strongest bond, after all.

Yanira: As a journalist, I need to remain objective, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions. I’m determined to find answers when I find my boss dead in his office. But my investigation leads me into dangerous territory and exposes a threat too close to home. Bishop: A night out with friends sometimes comes with surprises, but when a woman literally lands in my arms, it’s only the beginning of what will be the biggest surprise of my life. She’s in trouble, and I know what to do to keep danger at bay. But it would be a whole lot easier if the woman wasn’t as bossy and uptight as she is beautiful and irresistible. Will the sexual tension help or hinder the search for the killer?

The moment I saw my new farmhand half my age, I knew I had to have her. Angelica. Those eyes, those curves. Twenty-five years old with her v-card up for grabs. I retired from football to revive the family farm, and I hired her to help me. I can’t keep my eyes off of her. I’m hungry for her and I always take what I want. All I can think about is claiming her innocence. And so I did. Now I have to listen to my heart and make a choice: make her mine forever or let her go. It’s not easy – especially when she shows me that little stick with two pink lines…

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