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Shane “Knight” Ballard knew the blonde beauty he saw on the courthouse steps was meant to be his. But with danger looming, the time wasn’t right to claim her. Not when it could put her safety at risk. What Knight didn’t know was that Kiara Timkins was already smack-dab in the middle of it all. The crooked judge the Silver Saints were looking into was her father…and she was going to need Knight to come riding to her rescue.

Marnie: Let’s be honest: last year was the pits. I lost my job, my apartment, and my boyfriend. But I’ve got a plan to turn my luck around: I’m taking my sassy cat, Mojo, and moving back to my parents’ house in Apple Creek to become a DoorDart driver. Doing good deeds while making deliveries is sure to create enough good karma to last the year…or it would be, if it wasn’t for one annoying billionaire who keeps getting in my way. Matt: The success of my company, DoorDart, is dependent upon everything going right. So why do I have to be cursed with this menace of a woman and her cat mucking everything up? First, there’s the breaking and entering; next, she sets a house on fire. I’ve got to keep my eye on her; only the more time I spend in her company, the more I like her. By the time we make it to the launch party, I’m just hoping I will see her again…but we’ll first have to overcome a jealous employee and a company scandal that could bring it all crashing down. Here’s hoping a little good karma and a lot of luck can lead to love!

Zanda is seventeen. She is Latvian. She wants three things in life: to stay in her home country, date her boyfriend, and have a career. There is a problem with each of these things, though. Zanda’s friends and even her family think that she should board a plane and depart to England the moment she graduates from school. Her boyfriend is intelligent and every mother’s dream, but he is Russian. She plans to study at the university but hates the thought of having to live on the ugly outskirts of the capital with her parents for four more years. And then, there is Zanda’s love for the countryside. Witch’s Pond is a small, lovely town where her grandmother lives and where Zanda spends her summers. Zanda feels torn between her equally ardent dreams about having a life in the capital and living in the countryside. Meeting the infuriating and handsome nineteen-year-old Latvian guy Viestards, who like her has different views on how he should live his life, makes Zanda’s dilemmas even more complicated. However, Viestards’s dream to turn his land into a profitable venture is endangered. And it will take a lot of gumption to (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

The last time I saw my new colleague, she was on top of me. Literally. She’s my best friend’s sister. It might have been a hot one-time fling at his wedding. Maybe. And the preacher from the church might have been the one to wake me up with my pants around my ankles. What? It was worth it. Years later she’s pissed that we’re working together. Personally, I like having her curvy figure around to keep things interesting. But she’s a boss in business—and a goddess in bed. Lucky me. We have six months to get a job done. Our task? Romance and architecture. How hard can it be? Turns out it’s not that easy with a woman whose heart is cold as ice. She doesn’t believe in love. Unfortunately for her, I do. And I love a challenge. She has her eyes on the deadline. I have mine on the prize: Her.

Tauria, aged 32, lives in the society that seems to believe that happiness is a universal concept. People, who had survived the near-apocalyptic experience, have built a whole new world full of pleasure and easiness. It is designed to make everyone feel happy every minute of their lives. Work brings satisfaction, hobbies are encouraged, relationships are supposed to bring out only positive emotions. Does it matter that things that don’t fit into the general happy pattern get discarded and disappear? Things like friendship and commitment. Things like true love. It is supposed to be enough with lightness and never-ending joy. But there are two worlds now. They are forced to exist side by side. Can they find a way to live together?

Liam: To keep a promise and make my twins happy, I have no choice other than enter into an arranged marriage. Angel Clark is too young for me but the infertile curvy beauty wants kids more than she wants a husband. Which makes her the perfect bride for a man determined to never open himself up to the pain of loss again. But being married to Angel brings joy and pleasure that makes it increasingly hard to safeguard my heart…

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