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Parker Cole is a cocky maverick and flying is all he cared about. Life was not very kind to him but he found his happy place in the skies. Until the moment he lays eyes on Perri. Perri Wilt is a bit reckless and a lot impulsive, traits that have landed her back home when she found out she couldn’t cut it on her own. Parker says he wants to take care of her….but is he just another of her impulsive decisions?

As Morgan and the UFI team prepare to protect Holly from Doc’s killer, will their passion be re-ignited? Will the couple finally get their happily-ever after? Meanwhile, things are heating up between Miles & Audrey. But an old friend may have other plans for Audrey and the UFI team.

It’s been four years since that earth shattering one night stand with my ex. I never expected to be a mom to his baby girl now. Or that he’d ever actually meet her. I kept our daughter a secret from the famous Tyson Dallas, Because living in the spotlight only brings drama. Plus, that jerk never bothered to call me once. But when I find him sitting in my small town’s diner, My breath catches and heat pools between my legs, The moment his hazel eyes lock onto mine. Sneaking away in his truck to make out behind the bleachers has me seeing stars. And it’s like high school when we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. I could stay in this blissful fantasy forever, Until he recognizes his eyes and signature dimple, On our daughter’s face. My secret is out and he’s pissed. But, I’ll do whatever it takes to make ‘us’ a family. Because the alternative is losing him, and my daughter, for good.

I could have been devasted. I could have wallowed in self-pity and shut myself off from the world. But instead, I got the sweetest revenge. When he ripped my heart to shreds, it led me straight to his father’s bed. All I wanted was revenge, I never expected him to fall in love with me and I never expected to fall in love with him…

Love, not blood, makes a family. He’s a lonely widower with five children. She braves the frontier hoping for a new life. Together, they create the family they all need. Wealthy Lord Barnes, having departed from his homeland for adventures in America, is raising five precocious children alone in 1910 when the first schoolteacher of Emerson Pass arrives with nothing but an extra dress in her suitcase and changes their lives forever. Miss Quinn Cooper has left her mother and sister to brave the unknown Western frontier, never dreaming that her destiny is about to unfold. Meet the Barnes family in the first three installments of Tess Thompson’s bestselling American Historical Romance series, Emerson Pass. Enjoy epic love stories, sibling loyalty and deep friendships in this touching family saga that will pull your heartstrings in all the right places.

Down on her luck, Boadicea McGee is desperate for a job. Bills to pay, a roof to keep over her head, and vultures for parents leave her with few options. When her best friend offers her a dream opportunity, she has to weigh dreams against survival and her own morals. The pay is good, the people are nice…but working in a BDSM club just isn’t her thing. Angry, repressed, Bodie is afraid of who she’ll become in that environment, especially when one man in particular gets under her skin. Are all her secrets safe? Braun Fitzpatrick isn’t a fool. He knows Boadicea’s special when she walks into his club. She offers him the perfect challenge, the chance to chip through the walls the fiery little female has built around her. Undeterred by her bark or her bite, Braun is content to guide her through the labyrinth of self-discovery. When danger strikes and the music stops, will Bodie still dance for him?

The boss will see you now… In this collection you can expect delectable sexual tension, all the witty banter, and steamy hookup goodness. These men are smart, audacious and sexy as sin with a body to match. They are in control and know how to take charge. With late night deadlines and trips out of town, working together means facing temptation every day. Business with pleasure… Who says you can’t have both? Authors: Ashley Zakrzewski, Amy Stephens, Cata Ree, Marissa Davis, Katie Rae, Raja Savage, Maria Vickers, Anne Lange, Leanora Cowan, Matilda Martel, Lane Martin, Paula Dombrowiak, Renee Pellegrino, Karla Doyle, Dania Voss, Brittany Tarkington, Kate McWilliams, Bree Weeks, Ashlee Shades, Keighley Bradford, Sutton Bishop, Michelle McCraw, Darby Fox, Melissa Williams, Finley Brown, DL Gallie, Elle Berlin, Lexy Timms, Willow Sanders, and Cricket Rohman.

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