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This is not your normal MC story. Abandoned at birth, Rebel has been raised by the men of Hellion MC. Happy and successful, living the life she’s chosen outside of the MC, everything changes when her mother surfaces on her 30th birthday, desperate to forge a relationship with her daughter. All is not is as it seems. Duplicity and betrayal threaten not only everything she holds dear, but her very existence. Forced to decide between the mother she’s always wanted and her MC family almost destroys her. Who will she choose, and who will she lose?

Sometimes love is the sweetest when you go in blind…folded. Well-meaning friends can either lead to disaster or another chance at happiness. Nolan and Mia have suffered through their own tragedies. Nolan dove into work, taking over his grandfather’s company, and Mia focused on being a single parent and her growing catering business. Individually, they come to the understanding that it’s time to find a balance between grieving and living again. Meddling friends and a blind date photoshoot lead to a weekend getaway, reigniting a passion neither Nolan nor Mia ever expected to feel again. Join Mia in trying to find freedom in his ropes and surrender under his belt; while Nolan finds the peace he’s been searching for being the nurturing dominant she needs. But Mia has more than just herself to consider, and she can’t bear the thought of putting her family through another heartbreak. If Daddy has his way about it, though, the presents won’t be the only thing wrapped up under the tree this Christmas…

Love. It’s a fantasy—and she’s determined to give it up. But one more sexy fling won’t hurt… will it? From weekends spent devouring steamy romance novels to her day job planning other people’s dream weddings, Sylvie Hanson lives for love. That all changes when her comically disastrous love life goes up in flames, forcing Sylvie to swear off lustful impulses and fairytale romance for good. So when Woods Callahan, the man of her literal dreams, seduces her at a wedding, she should chalk it up to nothing but sexual tension. Right? After a few steamy hookups and a trip to his family’s lavish estate, Sylvie can’t help but fall fast and hard in love—hey, maybe things will work out for her this time! That is, until she finds out Woods is moving away in a matter of weeks, which will mean mending her broken heart once again. Should Sylvie leave behind her hopeless romantic ideals and resist the irresistible Woods Callahan, or is their incredible physical connection worth one last sex-filled love affair?

Hunter: Life as a mountain man on Frozen Peak is perfect for me: it’s quiet, solitary, and uncomplicated. But there’s always been something missing. Felicity. She was my first love…my only love. It’s been so long since we saw each other, but I still think about her every damn day. I broke her heart, and I have nobody but myself to blame. I just wanted to keep her safe and protect her, but she never saw it that way. Now she’s back, and I’m determined to fix the mistakes of the past. But will the love of my life ever give me a second chance? Felicity: It’s been a long time since I visited my hometown of Winterdale. It’s an idyllic place, but it holds too many memories for me… Memories of Hunter, my first love and the one that got away. He broke up with me when he joined the military. He said it was to protect me, but I’ve never been able to forgive him. I never imagined he’d still be living out here, especially not as a mountain man in a cabin on Frozen Peak. When we meet again, sparks fly just like before, and I feel the same longing for him. But I have to keep my guard up this time. He left me once before, and I’m terrified he’ll do it again. Will we get a second chance at love? Or are the wounds of our breakup too deep to ever heal? 

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