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“Bad Boy Billionaire Shacking Up With Sons Nanny” Great. The latest tabloid headline has us exposed. Our fake engagement has officially gone viral. My infuriatingly hot but equally arrogant boss is about to lose custody of his son, so he makes me an offer Pretend to be his fiancé. He gets his son and I get a big fat payout. Keeping this strictly business will be easy because we barely talk. But when I move into the penthouse to make this fake engagement look real, I’m faced with challenges I never saw coming. An angry ex-wife who wants revenge, family who steals my money, and one scorching hot night I’ll never forget. Now I’m falling hard and in way too deep. And I’m late. This is harder to pull off than I thought…

Jasmine: I just graduated from the nursing degree I always wanted to do and can’t wait to travel the world when the sexiest man I’ve ever seen moves next door. The moment Hunter Wilson meets me, he proposes. I’m certain the psychological thriller author is a madman – he’s way older than me and I’m not getting hitched at twenty-two. But when I’m hurt and need help, I discover what a caring man he is. It becomes increasingly harder to resist him and I begin to question the path I set for my life.

A billionaire workaholic. A personal assistant running from her past. One treacherous chance at a future. After a bad break up, Samuel Davenport throws himself into running his family’s New York based advertising agency. He has little interest in women until Haley becomes his personal assistant. Soon, he’s intrigued by her mind, her natural abilities for the business, and why she works so hard to hide her beauty. Haley moved to the city New Year’s Day to hide, recover, and build a new life far from her past. She alters her appearance, ignores her ambitions, and focuses on surviving one day at a time. This worked well, until Sam tries to uncover all of Haley’s mysteries.

Savannah Smart comes back to her hometown, Evergreen Hills, to take over as the head librarian over the local library’s youth literacy program. She’s determined to finish her degree in library science and enjoy a quiet life as a town librarian. Her mother, however, has other plans for Savannah. When a local bar advertises a cuffing season speed dating event, Savannah’s mom signs them both up and convinces her daughter to give it a try. Wilder Lynx is determined to remain single forever. He also has a new partner every year for cuffing season and even makes his partner sign a deal saying that their relationship ends after Valentine’s Day. As the couple begins their cuffing season and their feelings for each other grow, they quickly realize they may be in over their heads. Can Savannah break the contract she signed and tell Wilder she wants him to stick around, or can Wilder put his pride aside long enough to void the contract?

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