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She’s his Christmas miracle. Now all he has to do is convince her of that… Figure skater Tasha Ramson used to love the holidays. But with her career on the skids, she needs a break from the festive season—and Berry Lake is the perfect place to take it. Organizing a Christmas fundraiser was not on her agenda. Neither was falling for the small town’s handsome lawyer. But…she did… Elias Carpenter needs a break, too. Between the demands of his family firm and managing the ice show fundraiser, he’s at the end of his rope. Tasha showing up is the best thing that could’ve happened for him professionally and personally. Now, if only he could convince her to move him out of the friendzone… When a pesky ghost from Tasha’s past arrives to wreck her present, will she hang onto Elias when it matters most? Or will she let her happily ever after skate away forever?

Luna: They stole my dreams, my hopes, my very identity, and I had no idea. Years went by and I did everything I was told, I was always the perfect specimen, and the perfect lab rat. I was dissected, even maimed all in the name of science. Then one day a strange smoky voice entered my head, and I knew things were not as they seemed. He promises me that he will never leave me, but my new memories tell me differently. Tordan: What is it about that one person that attracts you like no other? My mind can’t figure out that riddle, but the moment I laid eyes upon her I knew my life would never be the same. When I finally held her in my arms, I swore I would never be without her again. If they think they will get me to comply by using her to control me, they’re right. What they don’t know is…I will tear this compound, and all that’s in it apart, to protect what’s MINE.

Meet Abbie, cubicle dweller by day, blogger by night. Acting as her online diary, the blog feature a no-holds-barred, true life, gritty account of her sometimes funny, sometimes painful, often dirty love life. Oh, and she doesn’t always change the names to protect the innocent. After a date with coworker, Toby, she has a new reason to hate Mondays. When the post goes viral, Toby seeks revenge and enlists the help of his buddy Parker to do it. Both guys soon realize when she isn’t bad -mouthing men, she’s pretty likable, maybe even lovable. All may be fair in love and war, but what happens next will rock the internet and her world.

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