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Morgan: I hate Mondays. Every week as the town Mayor I have to do a radio show with Will Watson, a journalist who blames me (incorrectly, I might add) for his sister’s death. I know he’s given up life as a foreign correspondent to look after his nieces and nephew, so I’m trying to be patient, but he doesn’t make it easy. I know under that gruff, sexy exterior lies a good man. I just wonder if he’s ever going to let anyone, especially me, see it. We may not have a future together, but I wouldn’t mind exploring the present. Will: Mondays are my favorite day of the week. Sparring with Mayor Morgan reminds me I’m still alive. When she’s sitting here, in her prim suits, answering my questions, I feel like my old self. So I’m shocked to learn she dreads our encounters, especially when I discover that beneath that tough exterior is a heart of gold who’d do anything for anyone, especially my family. As our walls come down, I find a fire with her I’ve never felt before…but I don’t have anymore to give just now. I don’t want to go back to arguing, but I don’t see how we can move forward.  

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Lost, Flick walks into a nightmare. More terrifying than the evil that captured her, a looming silhouette offers a reprieve. The epitome of danger, Rushe is abrupt, crude, domineering… and her only hope for survival. Unlike anyone she’s ever known, he tells her what he wants, in such hot and filthy ways that her only choice is to submit. Her life is not the only thing on the line. Her heart and body have given themselves to him, death may be her only liberation.

From champagne to salt water… Kylie: Walking into my employee housing unit at Destiny Dunes resort for the first time, the last thing I expect to see is a hot guy…and definitely not a dripping wet naked one. Turns out the unit was double-booked. With only twenty bucks to my name and no credit cards, I’m screwed. But with Brett, Florida’s biggest playboy, offering me his bed for the weekend, I may not have to go crawling back to my two-timing ex or my controlling dad. My real challenge will be not letting this hunk who helps kids for a living steal my heart. Brett: Of all the housing units she could have walked into… I don’t have the time or capacity to deal with this damsel in distress. Between helping my mom take care of my grandma and keeping an eye on my brother, all I’ve got time for are quick, emotionless hookups. So why am I letting this woman pull me in? I’ve been down that road before and it bit me in the ass. I’ve got to stay strong…make sure she understands my heart is off limits, otherwise, this thing between us is certain to detonate.

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