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I’m all about the chase. Everything that comes after getting the girl? I’d rather swallow glass. That’s why taken women are my type. Don’t like it? You don’t have to. However, my newest challenge is full of surprises. She’s temptation poured into a silhouette of dangerous curves. And she’s onto me. So is HR at the office. Both quickly become my nightmare as they dare me to change. Me. The forever bachelor. Can you imagine? But the only thing that might do that is the secret my office fling is keeping from me—a secret that will change everything and tie us together forever. A baby. I’ve never wanted to “become one” with anyone. At least not until her.

Time’s running out… Rowan is a warrior, capable of bending time and space to take on the rogues and zombies the triple goddess unleashes on civilians. For centuries, his family has taken on the Morrigan, their successes against her legendary. If Rowan doesn’t find his talisman by midnight of his twenty-eighth birthday, he faces death—or worse. Wallflower Alyssa Macaulay has no clue Celtic warriors live alongside her or that she’s one of them. Orphaned at four and raised by her grandmother, who kept Alyssa ignorant of her true self, she never learned of her talisman ancestry. But a chance meeting on a cold winter’s night upends her life and thrusts her into a new world. A world where only she can help end a centuries-old curse. When Rowan discovers Alyssa is his talisman, his fated mate, he wants to celebrate. Too bad Alyssa doesn’t know. She thinks he’s only interested in a good time, and the goddess’s imminent arrival doesn’t give Rowan time to tell her otherwise. He needs to provide her a lifetime of training in a week—and prove what they have is much more than one amazing night. If they can live long enough… 

Rivals. I was the rich kid from St. Thomas Academy, while Taryn attended Bessemer Bay High, the local public school. We had one perfect night. And because I never made a promise I couldn’t keep, I offered her nothing more. Five years passed. Thanks to family duty, I’d spent those years as a Marine in Afghanistan, the handler of a bomb sniffing dog. One thought carried me through those years: seeing Taryn again. Our reunion was unintentional. Discovering she had a daughter was unexpected. Loving her would mean I finally had the family I’d always wanted. Keeping her would require a bigger transformation than bootcamp. Losing her wasn’t an option.

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