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He’s so cold and distant. A block of ice wrapped inside a devastatingly handsome exterior. I have enough sunshine to warm us both… if only he’d let me in. Working as Mr. Jackson’s PA is not for the faint of heart. Tolerable on a good day, a cold-hearted S.O.B. for the rest, he’s every employee’s worst nightmare. It’s a wonder to everyone that I’ve managed to stay with him for three years. I question my sanity myself sometimes. There is something in Liam Jackson that keeps me coming back. Something that sets my heart… and body on fire. Crushing on my unobtainable boss, however, is an exercise in futility. Mr. Jackson’s walls are so high it would take a certified climber to scale them. So, when I get a call saying my grandma needs help for a month, I jump at the chance to leave, hoping that the adage, “out of sight, out of mind” rings true. Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t and to top it off, there is something strange going on when I return. There is warmth underneath the coldness of Mr. Jackson. A spark that gives me hope, drawing me back in. I’ll break through his defenses one smile at a time. 

I’ve always chased after the bad boy. My taste for the dark side has nearly killed me once. And now I am knocking on death’s door again, only this time the darkness stares back at me with the most gorgeous eyes. All three of them. Mafia underlords. Criminals. Kings of pleasure and keepers of shattered souls. And the worst part is, they know my name, the taste of me, the feel of my curves beneath their heated touches. There’s no escaping their decadent world of crime and sin. Now that I know their darkest secret they will hunt me, punish me. They promise I’ll like it and my biggest fear is the truth behind their words. Yet I still run. I don’t know why I fight. The shadowed underworld always wins. Question is, will I thrive in the darkness or will they kill me softly under their dark reign?

It was supposed to be a simple personal security job. But Ashley was so sexy and innocent that my need to care for her was far more than professional. She was sunshine and warmth and everything I truly desired. She felt like… home. Our chemistry was scorching hot. Ashley used any excuse for us to be closer, and I couldn’t keep my distance. I’d never crossed a line with a client before, but keeping Ashley close was the best way to keep her safe and calm. Until the worst happened. It was up to me to both save her and beg her forgiveness. I wouldn’t let her father make her fearful anymore. If I could convince Ashley to let me be the man in her life, she would never be afraid again.

Guarded Hearts anthology presents 17 passionate protector romances and captivatingly hot romantic suspense novellas. Military heroes, undercover operatives, guns for hire, private security and first responders are the order of the day. This collection is action-packed with heroic men and the brave women who stand with them – then win them over. Holding out for a hero? Here they are! 17 Sensational stories to set your heart on fire! Authors Include: Susanne Bellamy, Sandra Carmel, Linda Charles, Renée Dahlia, Izzie Duffield, Debra Deasey, Louisa Duvall, Nicole Flockton, S.E. Gilchrist, Enisa Haines, Sara Hartland, H. M. Hodgson, Tanya Nellestein, Erin Moira O’Hara, Ruby Rare, Eliza Renton, and Rosie Miles.

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