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A midlife witch, the bear shifter next door, and an ex back from the dead. After dealing with so much dark magic in Salem, I’m giving everyone the side eye—even Austin, my new neighbor. Especially after I sense someone is watching me. Austin asks me to hide a kitten of all things. Although I’m suspicious at first, I can’t help the way I’m reacting to my handsome, way-too-young-for-me neighbor with the warm eyes. I’ve sworn off dating since I broke up with my toxic ex but say yes to a “thank you for hiding my kitten” dinner. Which is a disaster. Worse, that same toxic ex—presumed dead for fifteen years—shows up at my door. He wants me back, but I’m older and wiser now. Or am I? For a witch content with her life and magical career, I now have my irresistible neighbor and my passionate first love interested in me. Dare I risk my heart at a second chance at love?

“Bad Boy Billionaire Shacking Up With Sons Nanny” Great. The latest tabloid headline has us exposed. Our fake engagement has officially gone viral. My infuriatingly hot but equally arrogant boss is about to lose custody of his son, so he makes me an offer: Pretend to be his fiancé. He gets his son and I get a big fat payout. Keeping this strictly business will be easy because we barely talk. But when I move into the penthouse to make this fake engagement look real, I’m faced with challenges I never saw coming. An angry ex-wife who wants revenge, family who steals my money, and one scorching hot night I’ll never forget. Now I’m falling hard and in way too deep. And I’m late. This is harder to pull off than I thought…

Sometimes I feel every inch of my thirty-eight years. Maybe that’s why I allow myself a single moment of indulgence—a one night stand with a hot, young singer who is definitely not for me. Who can blame me for going for it? I’m usually content living my life as a grumpy single dad with a teenage daughter—a handful of a kid who wants me and her mom back together, which is never going to happen. My life isn’t so bad. After all, I’m the Coach for the Arizona Rattlesnakes NHL team, and when I speak, a whole team of people listen. I don’t expect to meet Ms. Sexy Singer again, not at my daughter’s parent-teacher conference (Talk about awkward)! And I definitely don’t expect our one-night stands to happen again…and again. And again. This is just sex, right? Until it starts to feel like more. There’s something about Willa Bennett that I just can’t resist, and I know her unexpected pregnancy should freak me the frick out…but it doesn’t. Unfortunately for me, my wild young lover still has her sights set on Nashville and the record deal she deserves. She might even have those sights set on her ex. Turns out I have real feelings for my baby mama and while I might be in charge at the Rattlesnakes, I can’t make Willa do a damn thing I want, when I want. (At least, not out of the bedroom). She’s a beautiful song bird and I know I can’t cage her in, even if I want to. So what the hell are we gonna do now?

They hate me. I hate them. And now we have to spend the whole week together. I didn’t even know Brady, Cole, and Gideon when I said some unkind things about them on my popular social media account. But hey, a girl’s allowed to blow off steam every once in a while, right? But then they get their revenge. They publicly challenge me in front of my followers, so I can’t back down. Now I have to leave my sleek Chicago apartment and stay with them at their little backwoods’ inn. The gorgeous men are determined to show me that they can out-perform all my high-tech toys, even the battery-operated ones. But if they think they’re going to win me over with chiseled physiques and small-town charm, the joke’s on them. Even if Brady really is as good-natured and kind as he seems. Even if under Cole’s gruff exterior, there’s a true desire to help people. Even if—well, Gideon actually is the smug jerk I thought he was, but once he takes his shirt off, I forget all about his arrogance. To my surprise, the week flies by, and we go from enemies to… well, lovers. But we live in completely different worlds, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to bridge the gap. Whoever said that love conquers all was full of it!

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