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Reed Cortez is a one hundred percent clichéd sight for sore eyes. Especially since I thought I’d never see him again. Back in college, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We were on a whirlwind path to forever—until our career goals split us apart. Six years later, fate has brought Mr. Lava-Hot Footballer back into my life, and he’s agreed to be my fake fiancé at my sister’s destination wedding. When our ruse forces us to share a hotel room for a weekend, red-hot flames reignite and sizzle between the sheets. But, come on. I’m not real wife material. So why is a man who could have any woman he wants determined to give us another shot at forever?

New Year? New you. Nope… screw resolutions. I’ve got too much of the past to make up for to look toward the future. This New Year’s Eve is all about proving myself. But I won’t be able to do it alone. I need her. The sexy, hardcore musician who knows everyone. This beauty has the power to bring in the crowds to make my event a hit. I’m not using her. Not exactly. She’s a punk temptress on stage, but offstage? She might be the kind of girl you take home to Mom and Dad. But not my parents. Some say my greatest ancestors invented the wheel. Try living up to that. But this New Year’s Eve my event will rival the ball drop in the Big Apple. My family legacy won’t end with me. And the pretty musician who has me wanting to rip off her neon fishnets? She’s in for a wild ride. It’s time for a New Year’s Affair.
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It was only meant to be a New Year’s kiss for Huxley and Kendall, but one kiss wasn’t enough. Seven kisses was all it took for them to know they’d found their happily ever after. It seemed simple enough, but fate kept pulling them apart. They hoped to have forever, but they were about to find out, happily ever afters might only be for fairy tales.

I’ve always chased after the bad boy. My taste for the dark side has nearly killed me once. And now I am knocking on death’s door again, only this time the darkness stares back at me with the most gorgeous eyes. All three of them. Mafia underlords. Criminals. Kings of pleasure and keepers of shattered souls. And the worst part is, they know my name, the taste of me, the feel of my curves beneath their heated touches. There’s no escaping their decadent world of crime and sin. Now that I know their darkest secret they will hunt me, punish me. They promise I’ll like it and my biggest fear is the truth behind their words. Yet I still run. I don’t know why I fight. The shadowed underworld always wins. Question is, will I thrive in the darkness or will they kill me softly under their dark reign?

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