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Some husbands never have their wife sharing fantasies fulfilled. Others couples stumble into the lifestyle before they even marry. Fewer still may be destined to journey all the way to the lair of the Wife Trader… Part-time musician Joe’s ex left him because of his frustrated wife sharing fantasies and his obsession in the bedroom. But the young guy learned a valuable lesson from it. He now knows that not every woman can handle a relationship with a man who has needs like his. He understands that some sexual fantasies are best left unshared. Now though, he’s met Rachel. A beautiful young girl and the love of his life. And Joe’s got dreams of making her his wife. But when a wealthy older couple offers Rachel a lucrative evening job as their babysitter and its obvious the man of the house is strongly attracted to her, Joe finds his deepest obsession resurfacing. Should he take a chance and reveal what’s in his head to the girl he intends to marry? And if he does, how will Rachel react? Could Joe even keep control of a situation that might quickly escalate? Especially when it’s clear that the older alpha male and would-be cheating husband has a babysitter affair at the top of his personal agenda.  

A Scrooge of a boss gets more than the wrong Christmas gift when he fires his full-of-sunshine temp… After I accidentally post confidential info on my social media, I give my coworkers presents to save my job. That doesn’t stop my grumpy boss from firing me. VP of Marketing, Ashton Lowe, belongs on the naughty list, but I still give the sexy, broody guy his present. Too bad it’s the one meant for my bestie. When news of my firing goes viral, ’tis the season for damage control. Now I’m stuck with Ashton as we try to repair the company’s tarnished image before a new product launch. We’re complete opposites, but our attraction grows in ways HR would hate. It’s difficult to keep our distance in a studio apartment…with only one bed. Maybe it won’t be such a blue Christmas after all.

Lying to my best friend wasn’t the worst thing I did, His little sister was. I retreated to my family’s shared cabin after a company scandal. Instead of fuming alone, there was my best friend’s little sister, all grown up. When the storm washes the road away, we get really cozy. She still has that smart mouth on her. Unafraid to bite back and put me in my place. Her killer curves and sinful pout make me go primal. But she’s out of bounds. Pals before gals, Mates before dates, Bros before… you get the point. I came here to escape my problems, Instead, I got one more that I can’t keep my hands off of. My reputation and my oldest friendship is on the line, And she says she won’t give her heart away again. Well, I’m going to take it anyway.

A cowboy private investigator who doesn’t want to spend another Christmas alone. A single mom in a pack of trouble, trying to lie low for the holidays. The snowstorm that blows in a few sizzling possibilities. Following a chance encounter, East Whitlock hasn’t been able to get a certain sassy redhead out of his mind. Though the feisty single mom insists she can take care of herself and her small son, he can’t stand the thought of anyone so sweet and lovely being alone for Christmas — in a friend’s warehouse, no less. Every instinct in him is shouting that she’s in trouble, and he happens to have the right skill set to help her. With no family to spend Christmas with, it’s not like he has anything better to do, anyway. Becky Pershing is preparing to go on the run. Before she hits the road, however, she manages to catch the attention of a former Texas Ranger working an undercover case. Though he’s a perfect gentleman, who makes her feel safer when he’s around, she refuses to flirt back. She won’t be in town long enough to date him, so why bother? Until the snowstorm of the century hits, stranding her and her son with the one man in Texas whose kind heart she might not be able to resist. 

I’m spending Thanksgiving with my friend and her three husbands. THREE! Shake My Damn Head!! The woman is either certifiable, or a saint. Personally, I don’t have the time, energy or patience to deal with one man, let alone several. I love my single life, and I’ve never met a D or a relationship that made me trust long-term commitments. But when not one but three retired Navy Seals set their sights on me, all bets are off! Chase McCoy, Asher Grant, and Luca Santoro are tall, broad, deliciously masculine, and they won’t quit till they make me theirs!

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